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An have an emergency fund. Put it aside. You don't have to be a wealthy person to take ten fifteen twenty dollars. Whatever you can afford put it in a special place. So if something happens to your dog, and you need to go to emergency that you have some money at least put towards it. And I think that's extremely important and as far as rescue dogs and eating dolphin follow up. I doctored my dog she PetSmart from a local shelter. My first dog, you know, they called me into weeks, and then they called me in three weeks. And I understand that. I probably. The most. Well, I took her back. That was the first reason they would have to suspect me, I got it on a Saturday. And I took her back on Sunday. I just didn't think I could do it. Then I don't like the worst person in the world, and I was lucky enough to get her back, and before I bought her back that lady her name was Betty, she stood in the parking lot where she made me come in meet her, and she said, hold on a minute if you hundred a word forever, don't take her and say he was was ticked off at me. She kinda clean into Betty. And looking at me like, I don't know if I'm going, and then she said if you don't understand that from now on when he ended all over to you you are responsible for everyone of her needs. You must do that food water safety medical care, if you don't get that don't take her and then the lasting she said to me. And if you understand that she. She's gonna get old, and she's not going to be able to do things that she was able to do, and you're gonna have to lift erupts, and you're gonna have to learn to talk to her when she can't hear and you may have to lend her food. There are many things ahead that you have to understand come with forever. And I took her and I have camp all of those promises. She's fourteen years old today and the utter joy, just you know, goes way beyond any of the Dan I've had to do for her. But we do need some good local laws governing or shelters and how how they is tribute dogs. Follow up is so important. I'm glad you brought that up. They don't do that as often that I've noticed. So that's a good one follow up xactly simple phone call. If you're in control officer he could have a list of the addresses. We're dogs have been in in adoptive home for two weeks. And if he's in the area, he could stop in it. It's very easy thing to do. I see the animal control officers out out all the time. They could certainly stop in and see how the dog was doing because there's an agreement if you don't want the dog you've to bring it back. And if you stop in the on, and I say, don't let these people's lives do them for breach of contract, reman, and sooner or later people start to get the picture. Hey, you know, it's not a trivial thing you go to shoulder you get it free dog. And and you don't wanna let it go. No has to clearly has to become totally out. There that this is not acceptable. Yes. When a wanna be in your courtroom, can you maybe touch upon some of the work that you've done like books of projects that our audience can benefit from my notes done multiple. Yes. And I'll tell you I chase. I ever had involving dog involved a negative pet store. That's why I'm so glad you know, what's going.

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