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That's right. It's time for the heard and I'm Chris, Bruce are with my man, Jason McIntyre with Gregg to be here. Chris, it's always going to be all with you. We got some great topics and we start off with our man changing LeBron James Healy, we're gonna start with LeBron we go start win LeBron as we do every day on the hurt when Colin cowherd of course, is hosting. But look, I think there's a new bureau in Los Angeles all know the story about how the first mirrow LeBron James was destroyed was banned is fate by faced by Kobe Bryant fan. But now there's a new winning. I gotta admit, I think it's more appropriate. I like the numeral like the old one, but I get why the fans of Kobe Bryant. We're upset about it, but I love this new one I think is great. And. The question that I have is what does LeBron James have to do to get up there on top of the Muira with Kobe Bryant Shaquille O'Neal Magic Johnson, Kareem, Abdul-Jabbar Wilt Chamberlain one quick note they left out the logo. They left out Jerry West, which was disrespectful and just wrong. I would put him in over Wilt Chamberlain, but I got no problem with will. But Jerry West should have been on there. But the bottom line is what is LeBron James have to do with the Lakers to get on top of the mural rather than standing there looking up Chris, those great all-time Lakers murals. We talk about murals Urus not a game, not a game, you, Chris. Here's what annoys me about this whole mural situation. Okay. For starters, LeBron looking up at Kobe, Shak magic. I'm fine with that because when he takes a sable center every night, he's gonna look in the rafters and see the jurors. He knows he knows on the, but what really gets me about this mural situation is it is it feels like Lakers fans are living in the past, you know who, and you know who lives in the past Chris losers guys who walk around where in their highschool, letter jackets. So you're missing about zoo. Never Yana high school. Every man when they were dominant and they were so great. Chris, I just don't sound like a hater. Well, I'm not. I'm not hating. I just don't get the mural looking back like think about this. Look at it this way. LeBron James and the Lakers are going to great that we know that they're going to be right and in life, I like forward momentum. Okay. I don't wanna look back at the past of magic and shacks on here, and it's okay forward in life. We need that forward momentum and you can't just make leaps to, okay, LeBron winter title or two or three, and then he's going to be on par with them. You need incremental gains, Chris. Think about this. I know you started working out a lot more recently, right? Start lifting at the gym seen you in there. You getting big Advil lifting says as great doesn't show, but I've been lifting since so you don't show up at put up two plates, take it all the way of slowly start with a twenty five and work your way up. This is step one of LeBron's Laker path. He's on the right path. And I think by your two or three, you get to the finals, you take down. What I believe is the greatest dynasty in NBA history being Golden State Warriors. And I think at that point, we're not gonna have any discussions about LeBron and. Of the question, did I not do that? What does LeBron James have to do to get up on top of the mural with Kobe shack, magic Karim will in a year or two now because he's in time with your later. It could be four years, which is contract is it could be five, six hour long continues to plan to retire with the takes.

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