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Now the latest forecast from the extra Jin temporal thermometer weather center on News Radio seven hundred w. The air of the season is here. It's going to feel like twenty to thirty below zero. Actual highs near four clouds give way to sunshine still some flurries in the forecast tonight clear and even colder with three below from your severe weather station. I'm nine first warning meteorologists, Sherry, he's NewsRadio seven hundred w l w it is two degrees below zero right now, but with the wind chill at the airport. It's right around nineteen degrees below colder. In other parts of the tri-state right now downtown Cincinnati looking at about twenty five degrees below zero up an Oxford thirty two below. It's even too cold for the post office mail service has been delayed and several parts of the country, including here in Cincinnati. If your zip code begins with four five two you will not be getting mailed today. Cincinnati rec centers and the Hamilton county branches of the public library all open today and are being used as a place for people to escape the cold local churches, also opening. Their doors to help keep people warm elderly people are at more risk today. During a deep freeze like this some advice from the department of aging check on older relatives, friends and neighbors. John rally is second in charge there. Consider extremely cold temperatures, just as you would any other kind of severe weather like ice storm or snowstorm. Relative says older adults are more at risk when extreme cold sets in because bodies change with age and they're just not as resilient during a cold snap in Columbus. Jared. Allen NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w Duke Energy is offering advice to help keep your house warmer without increasing the temperature and subsequently your Bill. Try not to boost the thermostat way up. You'll be happy. You didn't. When the Bill comes other tips in the short term feeling van or make sure that they're operating in a clockwise direction because that's going to please warm air back down into the room to keep it warm. Sally feeling with Duke Energy, also says open, the drapes and. Blinds let the sunlight in long-term keep the furnace maintain changed the filter regularly, and maybe look at budget billing. Predictable amounts without the screens in their Bill in the extreme cold front. But also in the extreme warm during the summer, Matt NewsRadio seven hundred.

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