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Or did around the world according to Johns Hopkins University data it also puts the global death toll at more than two hundred and seventy nine thousand U. S. remains the worst hit country accounting for over a quarter of confirmed cases in about a third of the deaths correspondent Jeremy diamond reports three key members of the coronavirus task force has health quarantined after possible exposure to a White House staffer who tested positive even the White House which has perhaps the strictest protocol for testing including now the daily task daily coronavirus has at the White House for anyone coming into contact with the president we are seeing this virus presence even here Tesla sued local authorities in California as the electric car maker pushes to re open its factory in Fremont in the lawsuit Tesla called the continued coronavirus restrictions by Alameda county officials a power grab that defies the constitution I'm Bob sack new cause for concern with three deaths in children due to a possible covert nineteen linked illness corresponding Karen Kayser has more as New York state's rate of coronavirus hospitalizations and new cases trend downward a troubling trend dozens of the youngest new Yorkers affected with a possible Coleman nineteen related illness it's morning inflammation of the blood vessels which can then cause problems with their heart governor Andrew Cuomo said Saturday at least three children have died and the state is working with the CDC to respond to the illness these children happen to have the covert antibodies or be positive for covert but those were not the symptoms they showed when they came in to the hospital system twenty six year old man was killed in a shark attack off a northern California beach on Saturday on the northern end of moderate day he was attacked by an unknown shark species sat C. Chicago's progressive talk twenty A. M. W. C. P. T. wells for a scan online at W. C. P. three eight.

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