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Jane goodall it was the full moon very clear sky and coming shooting out were lights i it was a so it was a fi what coming out a single firework and then the b one two three four and then it would come from the other side and then it would be quiet for a bit then this splayed started up again it was absolutely extraordinary and nobody seems to know what it could be from the full moon from the full moon it was completely amazing i was awestruck so here's what we know so earth the planet plows through several hundred tons of meteors a day almost all of it burns up in our atmosphere soup because we have an atmosphere and this is a protective blanket for us the moon has no such protection there are places in our orbit where the amount of this debris is more than other places this is what takes us from a meteor shower to a meteor storm if you if we're plowing through this extra heavy debris section of space and they're hitting the moon nothing stops it from go all the way to the surface and goes to the surface and all of that energy has to go somewhere because the things stopped moving you can get explosions off the surface of the moon which in your case i'm thinking it would have happened on the answers of the moon so that you can see the sparks coming out it was coming outta the end out.

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