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That's a wasted life, and that's Brad Winstrom said about Roberto Clementes why he went to Nicaragua when he didn't have to. And ever, since then of course, many Americans have literally on purpose given up their lives for others and some other engage in conduct to better others lives. and. That's their goal and I don't care if you're a teacher if you're a cop if you're a firefighter if you're a plumber. If you, somehow you have an opportunity to better someone's life, and you fail to take advantage of that. Your life is wasted. I could not imagine having anyone say it any better Christopher. Smitherman I talked to him as he left, and at some point I'm going to I've gotta go. We're going to have breakfast lunch and dinner in the black community. I'M GONNA. Get my haircut in the black community I'm GonNa live in to some extent with him and the black community to reach across the divide which we must do and that's why. And these times leadership has got to arise, and can't be you live there I live here. You're wrong and I'm right. Because the great majority of us over ninety five percent of US black, white, male, female, liberal conservative, we all want the same thing which is a better country and a better life for everyone. Now there's another category of individual, completely obscure, but nonetheless present. Who Doesn't want that? That at all and and Mike My touchtone Susan Rice who is Barack Hussein Obama's national security adviser, and you see her on some of the Sunday morning..

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