3 charged after medical examiner rules teen’s death homicide


Hi as Mike the nation Ross grapples you're reporting with house racial speaker Nancy injustice Pelosi three unveils workers a new at obamacare a Michigan youth facility bill are criminally house speaker charged Nancy Pelosi with the black has announced teen's a plan death that would well expand what subsidies South Carolina allowing more officer people to is qualify cleared of for wrongdoing the affordable Care in the Act fatal this shooting is about the lives of Michigan prosecutors charging the livelihood three staffers at the lakeside of the academy American people with involuntary hello sees announcement manslaughter came just sixteen one day year old before Cornelius the trump administration Fredericks was expected was restrained to file on papers the ground with in the late Supreme April Court after arguing throwing a the sandwich ACA is his unconstitutional family's lawyer says he hello went she into criticized cardiac the arrest administration's after unrelenting screaming out efforts to I take can't down breathe obamacare in Columbia noting there South is Carolina a pandemic was wrong any time now officer Kevin beyond Davis stupid will not be charged in a statement in the fatal White House shooting spokesman of seventeen Judd Deere said year old pelo Josh see ruff is just and playing in April politics body might cam cross video your Washington catches the chase the prosecutor says robin pulling a gun this made him a threat to sunny Arizona as police chiefs offer to resign after the April death of a suspect in handcuffs who is placed face down and three officers in Wilmington North Carolina are fired caught on video making racist remarks one even called for a civil war to quote white but black people off the map I'm Jackie Quinn

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