Cannabis and Chemical Ecology w/ Jacqueline von Salm PhD (From BTS #28)


You said it perfectly that chemical ecology is one of those few fields that can help you recognize the connection between everything. It's I to try in. Distinguish it separately from anywhere is just so silly to me because. I, it's I. I joke I always Kinda. Make this statement and my. Business Partner and other people always pick on me for it, but it's. It's a good one I. Like it, so I just I do it, but it's that any sort of drug discovery that you're doing is really chemical ecology of the human body. And everything so I mean anything from with cannabis specifically. There's not a lot of research done on if you're if you have an entire indoor facility and you're looking at having. A few dozen plants on one TRAE. How is one genetic variant of the plant being neck directly next to another genetic variant of the plant? Chemistry and that's not a Leila Athey and that's that's a big deal in when you mentioned some of the marine stuff and other things I've done. That's a huge aspect of coral reef research right now and how algae affects coral and vice versa. So even just how different plants being near each other in environment can change things, obviously humidity temperature, all of those aspects I. mean any sort of stress. You might be putting on the plant to. There's a lot of companies around the country. That you know from time to time? We're going to have some kind of either microbial or pest situation happening right absolutely, and I can tell Just assess full of does all the things right because it's? Exactly. But you're always going to have some of that stuff popping and when the plant is stressed, it can produce different chemistry as well just like it's comfortable or distrust, and all these different things and. It's going to be hard to really know what's being affected where, but the cannabis industry is in such a unique situation in my opinion, where so our facility? We went from seed all the way to sail. We had our dispensaries grew. We did every aspect of processing and production. And we had our own in house lap, which was unique at the time. so. When you have this sort of closed system, I mean we had some variables, but the variables aren't going to be the same as they would be if it was a nature. Is Hard because trying to control in nature. Up kind of pointless time, so you do what you can, but with cannabis. Opportunity of going through the whole life cycle in the whole stages of these plants than you could do some really unique an interesting analysis to be able to try and come up with conclusions on what is being altered, where and what changes might be happening and I think that. As the cannabis industry evolves I. Hope they start to really look at some of those things because. I mean even curing right like what's the definition of a good cure. Everybody's got their own opinion, but I can tell you that the tea and tobacco industries they all have a very strict definition, if depending on the company of how they cure, the different tea leaves, or tobacco leaves or anything else, and that's what leads to the chemistry. It's very precise most of the time so. I. Yeah, there's so much opportunity and all of that in my opinion is considered chemical ecology. It's I mean. You're trying to assess how the chemistry's being altered by the environment or other factors and. Yeah so I hope that cannabis starts to embrace those things in recognize their opportunity that they have.

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