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As some of you may know, I don't know how you have heard about this. But the mega million jackpot was over one point five billion dollars and someone in South Carolina bought the winning ticket. Now, we don't know if it has been claimed or not, and we may never know because Carolina is one of the few states where you don't have to publicly say openly. Hey, I won the mega millions should. It's like I would never want to mall like pictures of needle name out there. Be like a nobody finding out. I'm gonna keep going to work. I was I. We'll get there. We'll get there. So my question is what would you do with over one point five billion dollars? Okay. This is what I'm doing. All right. I'm going to secretly by island. No like legit back would. Well, I wanted to be legal. Sure. But I I'm going to do it with an alias of hill. You, you know, I want a cover. Costume like you'll come out like V for Hinden. No, no, no or low key. Sure. Superhero costume, you know, he's a low-key. I usually don't make pun. Funny. Let me have the now I'm gonna fuck channel in my inner Clark Kent here and got a gotta go by me and island, and I'm going to build a Tiki hut on said island with solar panels. So that I don't have an electric Bill and a water filtration system on the backside and my little Tiki hut. So I can filter water from the ocean. And they don't have a water Bill. I'm going to put an internet Bill in my earliest name. So that nobody knows that it is me and I'm going to via boat to park in front of my little Tiki hut. Okay. And I'm going to sell jewelry. I'll out of my little Tiki hut and live on my little island and to get to that point. I'm gonna slowly start dropping shifts at work like I'm not gonna up and quit. I'm not going to be like fuck, y'all. I'm out. I do know that is I don't believe Michigan is one of the states where you can anonymously claim the money. I one hundred percents for sure I should've looked into. But I don't know hundred for sure, but I'm just going to slowly start dropping shifts at work. So it's gonna take about a month for me to phase everything out on a pay off all my bills and in Michigan incrementally. Yes. Yes. Not all one. If you drop it all at once then. Yeah. No, no rail eyebrow. Skin money from all it's gonna pay off everything quietly in behind the scenes start dropping shifts at work and one day. I'm just going to disappear. Like, everybody's where DJ mailing. No, the important people will know, my, you know, my momma, grandma, you it'd be like look see here. I'm out by the end of the month. I'm gone don't. You wanna call me? I will send you a private boat. But don't know. I would I would make it like. I got. Like, I went on a trip, and I was abducted, and I would change my identity. I'm all for changing my entity. I don't want people to think that I'm -ducted I want to fucking dead. No. I just I just want them to be like I wonder what happened to her. All I don't know. I don't wanna social media. I don't want. I don't want anything like just put me on an island. Gimme some storm insurance. Because Lord knows that the island's get wiped out all the time. So I'm a Hemi some good insurance. And then that's it live on my little Tiki oughta my little Tiki hut in good too. Okay. Okay. See I like where you're going with this. But I think you're thinking too small. Okay. This is what you do you get a full on like what kind of force field around your fucking island. Yeah. Now anything ever happens in your totally good. Yes. My thing would be this. Okay. Like, I like where you're going with this. I would quit my job. Eventually, I would keep doing podcast. Live every day. Like nothing was up. Everything's all good. And in one day, you know, like you said just slowly incrementally start chewing up less to work, less and less over most few months and just disappeared..

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