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Bush is on the other line weber. Voices back baby all of the The guesses we had in the call in line of who you are who you sounded like some multiple. I can't promise i won't happen again. It's only it's only july. I'm gonna violate your trust. Lindsey and i'm gonna read a text you set me earlier on air because i'm like still kind of shocked by it. What did i say. It was actually only what eleven minutes ago. Oh oh texted me. The following a link to a people story with this text following up from lindsey. I didn't know they were dating. And it's the headline bell. Palley and douglas booth are engaged quote. We're very very happy. 'cause you know that they were dating no but i'm sorry sincerely thomas engagement of listening booth and bell palley being like I didn't know they were dating. I was expecting like jennifer lopez and ben. Affleck you'll well. It turns me fits into our show bell palley. But it's just funny because they're each like bellies like the girl from the teenage girl movie. That really good movie. That came out with diarrhea teenage girl. She's girl. Douglas booth is from that flop. Romeo and juliet reboot. That came out a while ago. Who may or may not be related to. John wilkes but probably not right. Who has the face of a british actor. Tell me that guy doesn't look british so does she. Actually they both have extremely british actor faces him. Especially he's from greenwich london. Which i think is actually fancy. And she's from someplace claw hammersmith posh haji tauch. They both seem like they're from 'push neighborhoods on the set of the movie. Mary shelley another kind of no one saw. Really the the elle fanning. Mary shelley Were they were like. Let's put elle fanning and a movie about mary shelley and make. Let's cast her as me. Mary shelley and no one will see us and no one thought.

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