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Meanwhile baseball wow right hander rookie for the cardinals jordan hicks hit a hundred and five miles per hour on the radar gun twice the coming the first pitcher to throw multiple pitches at that speed in the same game in the past ten sees it's unreal against a phillies center fielder audible harare he faced five pitches in his at bat with who threw sinkers at one zero four one zero five one zero four one zero five one zero three harare struck out but it was a wild pitch we actually made it to first on that one hicks through twelve pitches at were clocked at least a hundred miles an hour and twenty two innings he has nine strikeouts sixteen walk so certainly has issues with finding the strike zone two off to a five that makes it even more dangerous doesn't it if he yeah avenue collusion trust me hit the ball i mean the fact that he had the wild pitch at he has struggles with the strike zone i think that helps him here what he's tossing it a hundred and five miles an hour racking to step into that bucket steppers in there by the way according to stack cast those pitches at one zero four one five one zero four one five and one zero three those were the five fastest pitcher's throwing this season while so i mean the fact that he doesn't quite have control that's one area proposition i think that helps them more than it hurts him at this point how many people are keeping in staying in there well they don't let suckers coming in and like i said i don't know where it's going that's a tough ball right there that's hamad the bowl trust me one.

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