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The same situation that happened to tyrian lancaster in the this most recent siri season of game of thrones so as you know he had advised the nearest to not use for dragons and to not show the force right away because either i didn't want her to be seen as the more of the same well eventually when things got bad enough in all further strategies failed she went to the dragons prey well now you could argue whether that that was a good idea but then when denarius wanted to go um fly out once she wanted to go rescue her boyfriend slash lover slash a nephew um john snow but uh tyrian had no more credibility to tell her please don't usually drag its they had dragon glass they had all the ability to fight them without bringing the dragons and as we all know that ended up very poorly for for for dinares put pretty good for the for the white for the for the king we may not all have known that going in but we all know ads right that's while you never ever let me on the show after that 'cause i'd asked if i've spoiled everything for everybody i kid you not i did watch and i have no time through the week but i did watched the season finale yesterday because i knew you were coming in tonight 'cause i knew you couldn't help your skin bad yet could south there is no way but bring it back to trump though seriously though trump has lost credibility with i while the only people with whom he has any credibility are his loyal followers or people that voted for him or support him but but he he couldn't get done the things he said he was going to do in the first hundred days for the most part will people can argue the nuances and points that but ray said i'm going to roll back obama care and he didn't regardless of how you feel about that regardless the fact of the matter is he couldn't do it well and he's approaching his his plan here on taxes in the exact same way that he.

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