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To walk hours to fetch that the idea is that we have reduced the time we've put the we put the wells in their communities then a half a mile right. Okay it's within a half miles. Kids have time to go to school because mostly kids get the water kids in mons fetched water. And that's their fulltime job. There beast burden no school for you. You gotta go find some water. I other school but it's but they miss a lot of school. So that's why that's why it's in. It's largely girls that are going after water. The girls have lesser education than the boys and we are also expected to do. Go go cook the food and to cook the food and clean the food. You gotta go get some water. That's just part of the thing that's part of our process of reeducation of you bring me up to a new subject. That i hadn't even plan on talking about but but it is. It is the subject of my mind. Because i have privileged to be in a leadership position of instituting a program with walls of life that is called this called international protocol. It's called wash water sanitation and hygiene and we call it the healthy village program and that way we help. We help people who are dying. From bacteria bacteria's what kills dysentery. All these things yeah dysentery diarrhea. It's cholera we teach them the bill trains. We teach them to have hand..

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