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The laura holiday that's closys on he's on a first name base on normally accorded radio both equipment well the one advantage new england has against jacksonville is that it does boil down to blake bortles verses bill bellichik i think i got i think i'll take bill in them because you've got you've got you've got a frigates or coq you got to get the twenty four points to beat the patriots death left fake twenty four if a conservative estimate get the 24 you have a chance i don't know i tom can get to 24 against jacksonville but here's the thing what can now now rambler spokesman how point favored at home against the falcons in saturday's wildcard game the rams scored the most points in the nfl this season and they have an mvp candidate and todd girlie but they're making their first playoff appearance since the two thousand four season the falcons where the nfc champs last year with one of the best offenses ever but this year the dropped down to the fifteen th highest scoring team in the league germans again my charlie weis charlie your son is an offense of assistant for the falcons so how much of a shot to give atlanta on saturday how could we who shot a really do to first of all those do something to be should for playoff experience and the rams don't out and the falcons do as russia's last year there's a lot to it and the magic number is twenty point by atlanta.

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