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The huddle start of our twelve o'clock hour here and Zach I did want to dig it as this question. And I'm curious to to gauge your thoughts. Your dialed in you cover the basketball team for the Michigan insider, someone asked me if Jordan pool going pro or making an official how this is going like the the ripple effect. Does this have an impact on Ignace day kiss? Now. I mean, he probably we we've we've long said the last couple of weeks, we feel he is most likely going to stay in the NBA draft. But with Jordan pool officially declaring. Does he say, hey, if I come back to Michigan now, I don't have to honestly share the ball with Jordan pool? But you know, I'm a bigger focal point of this offense. Because I know that Jordan is not coming back. And also the other side of this does this make does this help John. Beeline, a little bit in the recruitment of Justin Pierce, the grad transfer from William and Mary because he can say look I one hundred percent there's maybe a little bit of question. But I one hundred percent. It's public have a spot for you on next year's team. Yeah. I think the there's minor ripple effects. Someone talking our line. What was weird kinda weird? Anyway. Feel like someone on the phone or something. Yeah. Anyway, we miss MS desperate to get ticket back in here. Anyway, now minor affect I mean, you know, at least as you said they can say with one hundred percent certainty. That's. Can say with one hundred percents certainty that he's gone, but at the same time, I think Nissan, Highland even said, yeah, they told me that they're shooting guard is going to stay in the draft. And so they have a spot for me. That would sound like they've already known as for Iggy. Still think something's going to have to happen. Like he's going to have to really struggle at the combine or really fall off the board. For him to change his mind. But because because again, he probably knew Jordan pool was gone. And you know, one thing we didn't really get to talk about with with the quotes from Jordan polls, dad. This was not decided I mean, this was a while ago. This was like maybe before they even came home from Anaheim. It was decided so. You know, it's not like AIG been like, oh, well, Nahla Jordan pools got no he's known how it's been going for a while. I think he's in a similar boat where he wants to go. I don't think he's going to. He's not go. No matter what anyone says. But he's probably go as long as it's a top fifty pick. And it's hard for me to envision him. Not being a top fifty pick. You know, he's he's the one guy that's consistently put in the top fifty in these mock drafts. And and I think the combine and getting to work out with these teams individually could help him. But if it doesn't then. Yeah, maybe he's looking and saying, okay. A lot of points there. Charles Matthews and Jordan, Peugeot, both double digit scores. It is very feasible. I could if I may I could store eighteen tonight. So. You know? That's that's I don't know that scoring the basketball more needs to be what Iggy showcases to the next level. But it'd be exposure. And he'd get the what you're right. I shouldn't have said points. That's a lot of shots on night. Yeah. He's going to get to show what he can do if he were to come back every step of the way. But no, I I don't I think the ripple effect is pretty minimal or nominal. But I do think if say Pierce go somewhere else and FRANZ wants to stay pro. Introducing themselves to new targets. They can say, hey, there's a spot. They don't have to say there will be a spot. They can say there is a spot. So maybe minor I'd say like a out of one hundred five max so not much. Now, the you know peers is supposed to visit North Carolina this weekend. If I do remember correctly here, and then just gonna make us after that. I think the the goal is to have a decision made by maybe survey second or third when he graduates from William, and Mary so that shouldn't be that much longer that Michigan has to wait to know. The Giambi lines are gonna go visit Ron FRANZ Wagner in Germany. By then he should probably have a pretty good feel for if they're getting Pearson the the relatively new targets on the Sean Highland. So, you know, all these things just kind of clear themselves. I thought it was when reading about I think it was in Sports Illustrated had their their big board and talking about Iggy and said that he's an intriguing prospect NBA people because of fact that he is. You know, he can he can be a water different. You can be three or four, but they did mention he's a little bit. You know, he's a little bit slow and the word by this defensively. With also said he can create his own shot. He can shoot from all over on the floor. He can go to the basket with both hands ambidextrous thing is really appealing to a couple of general managers. And so, you know, reading a tea leaves now, this is just a an NBA scouts opinion. But Rena tea leaves. I mean, he sounds like a I would say pretty good bet to be going in those top that top fifty. Yeah. Yeah. I think with him. It's almost say can creep into the first round like three straight years. Michigan has had someone projected second round. They ended up being top twenty five picks. So. Yeah. We'll see how it goes. I my assumption is that he would he's gone. I still think you know, until until there's a declaration with him. You know, 'cause not not this is I I don't mean to put it phrase it like this. But like he goes in like breaks his leg tomorrow. I think there's a good bet that he comes back. He's not going to be able to work out for these teams and improve stock and things like that. So you just never know. I think mentally he's he's pretty ready to go. Pro. I think he always wanted to be a one and done. And I think we even predicted in October that there was a pretty good chance that he would be. I think I think you have to look at. Forgot where I was going to say. Oh, yeah. I think I think he wants to go pro I think as long as he has the chance he's going to we mentioned top fifty picks top all forty seven of the top fifty picks have multi year, guaranteed deals. So probably probably not much is going to change their. But but I think he is he is going to it's a little bit more like a MO Wagner. Charles Mathews type decision where he is going to look at whether he'll be drafted where he'll be drafted or where they expect him to be drafted and he'll make decision on that not. I'm going pro no matter what happens which is what Matthews in pool were. Well, certainly it will be engineer going forward. When is the as may before they have to make their made twenty ninth. I think I don't think we're going to be waiting until. Then personally, I think my hunch is it's going to be a go to the combine all three could get invited to the combine. And then as long as he doesn't have a bad combine, he'll say, okay. Time to go. 'cause 'cause Jordan pulls data is right. They do. And this is why they allow you to sign with agents. Now is they do kind of look teams kind of look at you differently. If you're like testing, the waters versus going pro. Burn the boats gets the island whatever it is. It's and it's a little unfair. But I get it. I mean, you know, it's like an intern versa. I and employees. On someone else to I don't know. It's just you don't take quite seriously. So I think if he gets the traction he's expecting to get I think he'll I think he would declare sooner than later. Well, it'll whatever it is. I mean at this point Michigan's lost two and very likely lose in the third. But I'll say what I what I consistently say. It'd be lying I trust. So still feel really good about whatever happens here for Michigan basketball. All right coming up next as we get back into some more six on six questions. You know, have a little fun with this cameo. I'm sure Linda, it'll be great conversation fodder for you for the next phone. Call. As we go forward here. And then looking at Tigers wings lions is are we on the verge of a golden era in Detroit sports as bad as it is right now are we if we're at the basement we look forward to a meteoric rise in the coming years since had on sports talk. Ten fifty W ticket drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death for children fourteen and under in Michigan. That's why teaching our kids to be safe around water and learning how to swim are necessities. Not luxuries..

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