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Hello and welcome to Friday. I'M HOLLY FOR I. I'm Tracy Wilson Today's casual Friday feels extra casual. Because we're talking about a game yet we are. Have you played much okay so I did not grow up playing any croquet? I don't think I ever played any croquet until I had not moved to Massachusetts yet but I had started visiting here and hanging out with people who have been playing croquet their whole lives and there is just a lot of especially in good weather. casual croquet. Playing a bunch of us go on a vacation Every September where we all rent house together and hang out and there is a literal croquet tournament Sometimes there's some house rules or whatever but it's like a pretty standard croquet tournament. We have also had weird variations on croquet like one year. The vacation was Harry Potter themes. And so we had wizards croquet as a thing to play. Some of the group are very competitive about this but for others of US. It is more about standing around and talking with a cocktail in her hand. Yeah I When I was a kid one Christmas. We got a croquet set as a gift. And I don't think we ever like really got the hang of it or played by the rules. I'm a lot younger than my siblings. So I think I wanted them to play with your kid And so then it was kind of like my brother would smack a ball at me. And that's okay and so is never like thing for me And now as I'm older I don't tend to enjoy competitive things with my friends. It's just not fun but I was trying to come up with a way. We could invent a game called cocktail croquet that maybe involves like getting through a wicked. And you get some sort of drink associated with that we. I don't know it's still in. Its infant stages. Yes this game I making up in my head if I could add a star wars theme to it. I think I'd really be onto it. Yeah I have a feeling that the reason that we did not have a case that at our house that I know about growing up. It's entirely possible my parents add one stashed in that or something because we had other outdoor games. We were encouraged to play outside. But I think it would my brother and I would have tried to hit each other with mallets and throw balls at each other and generally causi harm but I think yeah. That's often how games play out when your kid. Yeah especially if they're rules. That seemed like homework. You're more likely to default to just injury you mentioned in the episode that you had come across an article discussing how croquet had spread to other cultures and other parts of the world and I actually had had come across one that I was trying to fit in here for a while and it quickly became a much different thing and I was like this is not the place for it And thankfully now we have these Friday episodes where I can kinda mention it. Which is that There was a particular military action that was going on on England's part at the border of India there is a lot of complex politics there which is not great but one of the things that gets mentioned in some of the accounts that were written by. The English military members were that they saw Sikhs playing croquet all the time because they had picked it up and loved it as a game but as I said like to contextualized and why they were all there together. Yeah very complex and made it about military actions and really Crappy behavior on the part of England Seattle and that was a little off. The tone of the much lighter. Long Game Fun I had in mind. Yeah and we also we talked a little bit about it about Women like it being a game that women were allowed to play and that was also a thing that was criticized in the nineteenth century. Sometimes like there were people that were like seemly for these women's would be playing this game. They should not be doing that. And that has sort of morphed into as croquet has been introduced into other parts of the world It becoming a game that has given women more freedom to play it than they have maybe had other contexts which is all really interesting if you just want to look at all kinds of paintings of women in bustle gowns playing croquet there are so many coach games very popular very popular art topic in the Nineteenth Century Absolutely it's also interesting to me that A lot of the the accounts that I was looking at there is almost particularly in the casual friendly croquet that a lot of people were playing. There's almost this subtle hinting that it was kind of a game where you could go and flirt. Oh yeah after lakes so it's one of the few because it was one of the few sports where men and women would be out there competing or playing on a team together. It offered opportunities to mingle in ways that were not really common. Yes and readily available. Which is Adds a sort of cute dimension to it. Yes folks who visit our website have noticed it does not look the same at all. It is totally moved to a new format and so it doesn't have artwork on it but we're still getting artwork for episodes in case that happens in the future so I went like on a hunt for some pictures of croquet. I found all of these wonderful pictures like wonderful paintings of women many of them in in Bustle Gowns Plan K but then there were also some that were honest spectrum between suggestive and nude that are like Postcards of Croquet Games being played in various states of undress or in suggestive poses. So it definitely has that aspect also. Listen I'm not here to judge however you if you're having fun in your bustle gown or in nothing at all. Go You croquet. Maybe this this actual spring. I will make an effort to set up a little mini croquet on my lawn. Make my husband and friends play with me. Yeah I still have to figure out a sub sort of cocktail or star wars theme to make it appealing now. That seems fence to a wider heard. Yeah Yeah so. Our second episode. This week was on King. Philip's war yes. Which had come up briefly in the episode on Paul Coffee? It was also something that while I was at the new Bedford Whaling Museum because I was so interested in. Policarpio wanted to go see their exhibition on him There was also a thing that was about King Philip's war and it jogged. My memory of having in the past previously plans to to cover King's King Philip's war on an episode and then it had slipped off the top of my mind for whatever whether so often does with so many things that we will be just on the verge of doing and then get distracted by some other topic or or realize we don't have the resources or whatever any number of derailments could befall us well and and history that is related to made of American history and indigenous nations can be really complicated to research because so much of what is written was not written from an indigenous perspective and a lot of times totally misrepresents indigenous side of the story King and there won't so that gets complicated because a couple several people as I was reading have made the point that like it was very normal for for people to have name changes at various points during their life. It seems like the colonists were trying to have it be a mark of respect by offering totally different names than they actually had but were like great leaders from history braids so like them like Philip was definitely not the name that that he was more often known by the just becomes whole big thing of how. How do you interpret the fact? That the the the whole idea that it was King Philip's war and that it ended when he died is just so is everywhere and and it like the fighting was still going on from his two more years after that and so I did not know where that idea had started. Definitely nobody who was living through it. At the time was calling it King Philip's war rate. That came about after it was over. And people were writing books about their father's reminiscences of it so yeah the fact that Benjamin. Church's book is called entertaining. History of King. Philip's war like I. I haven't read that book but that just sort of the fact that entertaining a Ha- idle leisure yes. Oh incredibly deadly and destructive. It seems barbaric. Yeah.

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