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Jordan u p riana and fucking joshua jackson pays over dawson for sure riana and scott baeau we're all go into tommy's hamburgers honestly being are going to get together choose the third member of the i'm bringing i wanna bring josh jackson but she has somebody else in mind jay z like i'm already rich and famous and i'm friends with everybody i want to be we don't need to make it'll be vanderbeek for sure if she has their own druthers riyan is going to choose vander it's kinda crazy what happened everybody in dawson's creek like katie holmes went onto mary tom cruise michelle williams went on to like roll the world rule the world and joshua jackson went on to be one of the greatest actors of all time he had a cameo and commitment and married diane lane of course is that an my wrong who did he marry who married diane lee he just rolling murdy was married to diane lane marty yeah no fly no reason josh jackson giants lehner krueger funny oh diane kruger kids with some famous asia's blonde lady it's definitely married a diane it doesn't matter which one diane cinder about josh die all right that's it that's had to figure it out do you guys want to promote anything besides your podcast no non not me all right so listen to punch up the jams on head gum dot com hell yeah and if you have your own questions or theme songs you can submit them all to if i were you show at g mail dot com the opening theme song was written by the guy who created flight drop remember that flytrap censure crash.

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