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Even before he left for his UK state dinner. He's being hammered mayor of London referred to him as a modern day fascist. Megan Markle, now, the latest member of the Royal family said that Trump got elected she moved to Canada in response, President Trump said a few things and I guess he's now being hammered for being. Undiplomatic. The here's what Anna Navarra, a Trump hitting Republican said, CNN, he's not meeting with the prime minister, though. No, he's not. There's really no political. There's all about just the, the grandeur of all because. Feeds off. He's less popular in, in Britain, Meghan Markle, any them. They have the big baby balloon that they're driving nuts. You see this goes on at CNN and I listened to, you guys don't have to now I mentioned to you that George W Bush, and Barack Obama hit, both had state dinners did anybody choose Bronco bomb going over there for the pomp and ceremony. Eugene Robinson is a columnist with the Washington Post. I don't often feel sorry for the British royals I do this week. I imagine pretend. Sort of conversation. If you're gonna make with the with the president Prince Charles lifelong passion is environmentalism. What's he gonna say to president who believe climate change is is a hoax? You, you get the point Philip. I think it's pronounced Ryan's is a former deputy assistant secretary of state under Hillary Clinton. Now, keep in mind Theresa May, the prime minister leaves office in what three or four days, she is widely considered to be a, a failure was not able to, to X extricate, Great Britain from Brexit, even though the citizens voted to do so. No one knows exactly who's going to succeed the conservative party after she left after she leaves her party is in disarray. Okay. Now knowing that listen to what this, former Clinton deputy assistant, secretary of state says, I want to bring in fully Rinus NBC, his former deputy assistant secretary of state under Hillary Clinton in Bobby gauche editor columnist for Bloomberg opinion. Leave team for big takeaway. Well, we just finished watching two leaders one of whom their party is in disarray. They have failed to achieve any kind of meaningful deal. They are only days away from being forced out of office, and then you had choice of may. What what hit? I get it. You gave us the impression you were thinking about Theresa May. When you said your party is in disarray, you're leaving. If you days you have no legislative achievement when, in fact you're talking about Donald Trump. Trump not leaving in a few days. You don't think the tax cut was a big deal. I know this not legislate it. But you don't think reducing regulations. It's a big deal. I was watching an interview that Tom sold did during the election. He was being interviewed by someone from the. From the Stanford institute that he works for. And he was asked do you believe that all that's needed to be done is to reduce taxes and cut the regulations and the economy's going gonna start taking off? He said, yes. I mean what they complicate complicated. Give people back their own money. They can spend it more efficiently, more productively more humanely. More charitably, and Ken government. And don't put a bunch of regulations on the backs of people. There are necessary to fight climate change given that China and India are. Putting out more co two than we are. And they're not bound by the same restrictions that we would be bound by. In other words, it won't make a bit of difference. If we did virtually everything that the climate change people want done. No legislative achievements. Do you think maybe the democratic house has anything to do with that? I'm just asking. Now, the president talked about the relationship special relationship between our nations when Britain stood alone during the blitz of nineteen forty and nineteen forty one. The Nazi war machine drop thousands of bombs on this country and right on this magnificent city. Buckingham Palace alone was bombed on sixteen separate occasions, dark, our, the people of this nation showed the world, what it means to be British. They cleared records from the streets displayed the Union Jack from the shattered homes and kept fighting onto victory. They only wanted victory. The courage of the United Kingdom sons and daughters in sure that your destiny would always remain in your own hands. Through it all the Royal family was the resolute face of the common wells unwavering solidarity. Now, if you think I was hard on the mayor of London for what he said, consider, what Piers Morgan said about the mayor of London, Piers Morgan now host a morning show. He's also columnists, and he's been come pretty reasonable after he left CNN. So how has the mayor of London England's capital city responded to his trip? The answer is quite staggeringly offensive, rudeness savage attacks on the president called him a fascist said, we shouldn't be rolling out the red carpet. Meanwhile, this guy approved a giant baby blimp, says Piers Morgan to fly over the parliament is accusing Trump being childish. If Trump really worse than Putin Mohammed bin Salman, or the president of China. All of whom have been here, yet they didn't have a.

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