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Including at Red Mountain High School in Mesa. That's where seventh grade social studies teacher Nicole forced her got her shot. Today. I do feel a sense of relief, continuing and moving on with the school year and also knowing that I'm protected and protecting my family as well. Read mountains, one of six campuses within Mesa public schools, offering Cove in 19 vaccines, mainly to school staff. They're doing so in partnership with the mace of Fire and Medical department. Could there be a delay in play for spring training? Cactus League executive director Bridget Brynn's Bacher, along with support from several Valley Mayor's has sent a request to the MLB commissioner to delay the season opener due to Cove in 19. Prince Bacher says there wasn't a set time limit on the delay. Additional time means more time for the situation to improve and we see it improving now, and we're very hopeful it will continue to improve, then we'll be able to welcome fans back into the stands. Well, there's no word yet. How many fans will be allowed or what mitigation strategies would be in place, she says. Spring training will definitely look different this year. The University of Arizona says that most of its classes will continue to be online with only essential courses in person. You have a president Robert Robert's, telling a news briefing that even with the vaccine being distributed, the surge is ongoing in the state, So we're twice is bad is the national average, but I think if you look at the daily number It kind of puts it into perspective, where the 100 National averages 50 People County remains in priority Phase one B of its vaccine distribution plan, which includes people 75 older healthcare workers, police and firefighters, along with emergency response staff Jim Bronson, Katya argues, And we learned this afternoon that the Senate confirms Janet Yellen as Treasury secretary, making her the first woman to hold that position. Well, we've had a lot of Rex this afternoon. Thanks to that big old storm. Here's detour.

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