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To conditions We do have some wet and rainy conditions out there folks Please use caution I 95 southbound delays leaving headed toward one 23 The crash cleared to the left shoulder You travel lanes are open but of course there's a move over long people are starting to respect that because of the cones are out on I 95 southbound as you go across the Aquaman down toward one 23 after that you should enjoy better rides towards Fredericksburg North Dan I 95 after 6 ten garrisonville stay alert along the left side for the crash one into the median there after that you should be good toward the Springfield interchange No problems when I three 95 going up to and across the 14th street bridge you guys are looking pretty good The beltway remains clear between Alexandria and McLean on both loops and Alexandria Mount Vernon highway between old mountain Vernon road and old mill road all lanes of block for the downstream there Manassas was two 34 at American lead to driving old dominion drive That's where we had some flashing traffic lights but while since we had an update on that otherwise if you're in Maryland the beltway looking pretty good through Montgomery and prince George's counties no problems on two 70 to speak up for now 85 Bucky's town park near executive way That's where we had the report of a crash and want to authorities if they are still unseen No problems on I 95 Baltimore Washington Parkway looking pretty good as well 50 to and from the Chesapeake Bay bridge looking pretty good but when warnings still in effect there so please keep both hands on the steering wheel New problem in the district northbound third street tunnel near the U.S. capitol exit 9 We had the report of a crash and watch for authorities as they head to the scene they may be close to your location and please use caution Red River technology decisions aren't black and white think red Sole worth wtp traffic Rain moving through let's check the forecast from storm team four meteorologist Lauren ricketts Temperatures are headed into the 40s today That means.

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