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Act that. Here's here's my take and I haven't heard anybody talk about this They're sick of. He's he's a good player. He does a lot of things. Well how many times have I played with the flu. How many times my teammates played with the flu? Hell go oh back. Through the Archives of of Sports in general we praise Michael Jordan. The flu game. It's like a whole documentary. The A flu games a documentary like you. You get your players away from team like I had flu really bad. I think we're playing in We're playing The lions I was with in wash it had a really bad like really really sick. Came in for meeting eating Saturday night in meetings and And I think we're playing them in the NFC championship game came Saturday. Night meetings got IV's just laden training room got put a bunch antibiotics emmy bunch of medicine right got a bunch of IV's missed. All their Saturday meetings then went to went to to the hotel Moun- room. I told me not to come to the meeting since I was so sick. No meanings none of that. Got Up the next morning. I want to the stadium and played. beat the did you still feel like as bad song morning as you felt Saturday night still felt I didn't feel as bad but I still was really really sick. But in the dispensing justice and we won that game like forty five to ten. You know to go to the Super Bowl like how many guys I was at that game. Were you at the covered that game you did. I know that the hero ISM. Yeah that was going on. I doubt on that field that I was just. It's it's one aware of. It's what I do I mean but not I'm just telling you the story. I know dozens it happens. It happens every week week every week. There's somebody sick so the fact that you would send him home like you'd send him home on Friday and go. Hey you're not we're already ruling you out for Sunday. That's a tell us that. Then that just say we don't really really want you around here anymore. You're just like you may not have done anything to be a distraction but you should only haven't ah elevated elevated rails play right not a force multiplier. Yeah from A- from a cultural standpoint and then you and then you have the I mean just the Paul's that dude must just have like that episode of South Park when they were willing the guys balls around the will burrow was. Yeah because you're getting. Oh I know what it was but they purposely gave themselves to stick your cancer the answer to they get marijuana so they get a prescription for marijuana. I think is what the the the whole premise of the show was. South Park is ridiculous. But Reza's randy was randy wheel nuts around in a wheelbarrow. That's the kind of nut sack. You have just a giant put borough colder yeah giant like. Yeah whatever I'm GONNA go bowling. I'm out of the game. They've already ruled me out to fifty one right well coming off the flu. The flu blue. I felt better. Wow let's get let's get to some of the The actual action on the field. Sometimes it takes A. It's not as interesting stuff going on off the field game of the year saints N- Orleans. Wow Yeah how how how about that I I didn't I didn't see the offense of explosion you know there's this there's this Kaseke remember what it's called it's a site like a twitter side That that deals with scores. That have never happened before. Okay I forget what it's called Score Gazza or something like that. It's like some some you know clever little super name but do you know that that particular score what was it. Forty eight forty six forty four six has for saying it the right way by the way forty or forty six has never happened in the history of the NFL. Forty eight forty six forty eight forty six never happens. That was the first game that that has ever happened in the NFL. So you know. They've got this whole the alert. I don't I don't think score gasm. But that's the first thing that popped into my head so I just said it an talent get orgasms on your mind and so I I you know I mean it was like to be able to go back and forth into battle that way. You know the interesting interesting thing to me is having done several niners games and talking to you know Kyle Shanahan. It's about you know he's always said this. Is it not be derogatory tortoise quarterback but he's like hey listen man you know. He makes two or three mistakes game and he goes. If we get one of these Games where you've got to throw it a bunch You know do those two or three mistakes become five or six or seven mistakes and because that's going to cost US game. Jimmy Garoppolo Goes Twenty Six twenty thirty five seventy four point three percent completion rate three hundred and forty nine yards fourteen and a pick sacked three times in a game where they didn't run it with frequency. They ran it well for yards. It's precare but didn't run up with frequency because they were in the score fast Jimmy Garoppolo was tremendous mean absolutely tremendous as was drew brees. So I I tell you what You look at you look at the League right now. Those two teams in the NFC got clearly be kind of the the class of the NFC. Seattle is no easy out. They're going to be great is a matter of fact that divisions probably GONNA come down to a game between the niners. There's and the Seahawks I think it's is it a week. Seventeen or sixteen games last week. The last week I've seen it's GONNA come down to that and remember. Seattle went to San Francisco earlier in season and beat them. So it's going to come down to that game for that division and probably the number one overall seed Mike as it's incredible and then you look at the AFC. I mean. New England seems to be reeling right. Now it's one of the reasons they're in Cincinnati taping or they're taping tape in Cincinnati sidelines. They seem to be really right now. Kansas City all of a sudden. Don't look now but all of a sudden can't see I'm not GonNa talk about their offense I'm talking about. Their defense is starting to play. Well really well so all of a sudden they're starting to play. Well the Baltimore. Ravens have clearly been the best team in the AFC. Oh see pretty much all season long. Mean this is th there are some teams that are starting to flex their chests a little bit. Yep Yep and it'd be curious. I'm curious to see what happens with Kansas City. Can they avoid the dreaded Patriot hangover. 'cause two weeks or last week You you had a Houston team coming off a big win over New England and never beaten you know the Patriots before where I had an obvious letdown. You know I'm not taking anything away. From what the Broncos did the broncos played very well we'll get to drew lock here in a second but you know they they clearly weren't. The same team hammered the Patriots the week before four. I'll be curious to see if Kansas City. You know what kind of emotional win. That was for them. Going up to Foxborough ending New England's twenty one game home winning streak. I mean that's a big deal. Do they suffer a letdown against the broncos this week and we interesting interesting to see as drew lock drew lock Missouri Zone drew lock homecoming. There's expected to be about forty to fifty friends and family. There is. Is this kid of all young quarterbacks that we've watch this year I mean where would you put his debut view. We'll hear some of these lines road. Debut was may stork. It was as good as it gets like you said historic His first I game he missed a bunch of throws There's five or six throws he just they were just really poor throws but he comes back. I mean he storms back he makes great throws now like I was a bit surprised at like Kansas City was so they were so fearful of court sun which is good. You know that you've got that kind of fear going but you're so fearful of course sudden. Beat you double teamed him pretty much the entire to the game you played man under a bunch and your guys just couldn't hold up in coverage whether it was you know running backs or whether it was the tide end or whoever over the case may be you blew a couple of those coverages and you couldn't hold up in coverage and that kid pick you apart plus you know some of the playcalling some getting him on the edge the BOOT keep game some of the things they did Email because of his athleticism it shows else like they have. They have opened up a few things a few wrinkles. If you will within their offense that have helped them because of the mobility and and the the arm talent of drew lock so that part is a good thing. they have. When was the last time? The broncos actually beat the cheese has been day in a row eight straight losses to the chiefs. I mean that's hell that's what this will be four. This'll be four. It's four and a half seasons seasons right yes. Four and a half seasons without beating the chiefs they seem to have their number and and they have been able in a defense that has been really good this season. The chiefs are just so flip in fast and talented Al on the offense of side of the ball the thing that they have done honestly the thing they've done really well is they have been able to hold up in what we like to call five. Oh protection menial five offensive linemen can hold up without whatever you whatever five. We're not afraid to go. Go One on one across the board with you and one of them is Mitchell Schwartz at right tackle has as had in my mind. He's pretty much had von on Miller's number one on one and then whether it's Fisher whoever else plays on the other side has done a good job of locking down that edge and they have been able will to go one on one with the Broncos and hold up and when you can do that what ends up happening to you is. You can't cover Travis Kelsey for more than two and a half seconds. You can't cover tyreek Hill for more than a second half you can't cover. They've got some other kids drafted that and I don't even know the name. Seventeen a couple of other kids that can just McColl Lard. Men's world get just flat wrong Sammy. Watkins still run Sammy Watkins. Yeah so they're the. The talent level for them is just so extreme. There's no question in my mind. I haven't haven't looked this up. There's no question they've got more forty yard touchdowns forty plus your touchdowns in any team in League League They strike from long distance to consistently do it. They did it to doing last week team. I didn't think it was going to give up a forty yard or they did. Yeah I think the one big forty plus Georgia first score so I just have a tough time. I think it's just a bad match up. I I just I you know. This defense of Kansas City is is actually league. Aim better yet matthews playing great. They got Chris Jones back from injury. That guy's been a game record against the Broncos the they've got a they just have a They have a team that matches up. I'll tell you what I I know. Lamar Jackson is is the rage right now in the ravens are doing the rage but Ken Cities Cities Gut enough personal experience going up against the reins and Lamar Jackson. That right now if I I I had to call my shot. I think the chiefs would be my pick to to win here. Yeah the chiefs Mike the chiefs there the chiefs. I know come on site. Oh I.

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