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Get I get that. That's what I'm saying. I get to take up. Wow Yeah is now if I was a while and I got one I just want to point out. I did not judge just in that segment. Uh I didn't say anything that was carrying out of judging their and I'm not judging cam for judging him because she wants to judge that's right as as a human being and the cost of this show me personally. I just read the news and didn't provide because people don't count podcast to hear my opinion. They just come to read the news you know. They don't move onto the numbering about the road. Now we did everything. That's what kind of own right now we get to everything. Wow or getting it noted in your opinion the why they got beat my wound other way zone. The thing I will I will say though out after especially reading. The book. Conflict does not abuse. There's a long chapter about HIV. As because I can't remember I name show me as a last name. But because there's so much work as activists in that area As a lesbian woman whatnot she talks about how Canada like has criminalized basically being HIV carrier especially if you're not medicated or whatever and made it so that if you have sex you can literally go to prison and in many ways is is you. You can't prove the things that you accused of like this person has sex and then this goes HIV status. Well I could have but would you disclose it normally in private in person and not in writing not you know. You don't have a form you fill out right and so people can come back later and be like this person gave me HIV and then the Because the government basically feels like this we provided Meh Mad because we have government healthcare. Your your Refusal to get to be on proud is basically a crime. And you your sex criminalised so I do worry about. You know how far this kind of thing can go. Once you make things available to every wind What does in the penalty for the people who either opt out? Because there's still a stigma attached to HIV diagnosis. There's still a stigma attached to being gay. This you know. There's a bunch of stuff that operates in the world besides getting the measure not. Yeah what happened to the people that are homeless. You know like I'll this shit. Requires you to be in a stable environment. Right home address address be able to go into the Pharmacy Avenue Prescription Life. You are actually labeling For a lot of people that they don't have access to these things for personally only the government wants to lock up people for having HIV having sex. I can't judge them for that. Government does a government decision. Today I've made as individual video people that work at work in a collective. You know a wheel the power to state. That is something that I know. I can just all sorts of the judge. I'm talking for myself so I feel like if the whatever decisions anybody makes for any reason our good decisions because it's not me to make people feel bad. I actually being like. Oh I disagree with this or I being said this or whatever. That's not what people come for. They come here to just hear the news and no opinions well. I'm glad though that this is something they're doing. 'cause I also imagine a lot of companies throwaway drugs that expire or whatever that they could have given out free samples free periods well in America when you have copyright on drug. I mean ain't about throwing it away. Nine is about the fact that nobody else still this lifesaving she AAC it right out the monopoly on it. And you can charge out the mother fucking roof like the biggest critique I've seen of Terada and forget other win but it cost too much people. You can't afford it. And so this is the capitalist answer to that which is oh well. We'll give away some charity. But we still keep hoarding. Well we we have made and letting people die like you know because you still got to meet all of them qualifications to get the free sheet right. How many people got well? I haven't shown but it can. It won't cover overdose or it won't pay enough of this for me before especially with them new on preexisting conditions like all right resident put right as part of healthcare. Yeah but you know. I'm not judging those companies because listen if those companies want to hoard medicine could save people's lives and then charge literally Arm and a leg to get the drugs main those people gotta eat too. They got it and I don't know if they're listening to this. And they can just literally hit. Hit a button and make the you know much lower cost so everyone could afford it and everybody's lives could be saved. I don't want them to feel pressure of being judged from podcast. Well that's so influential obviously Because there's one small opinion for me can change anything. I don't want them to feel that way. Listen to at least not rise from the blackout. I want them to feel like life. Hey I should be doing these days and sleep well at night out. No I am judging. And I'm saying that candidate stuff isn't fucked up shit because the thing again is if I get tested at the time you gave me the drugs and I don't have it and HIV HIV forms in terms in eight. So now I do have it. So let's say I'd say prevents it right well okay so prep prep prevents you from I believe contracting it. Okay but there's other stuff they have Where I forget what it's called but they like they have in Canada whereas May as well you can like like not you get tested to see if you can get prep treble whatever they found out the HIV positive? Because you gotta get tested first so okay your H.. Okay okay okay. Okay now criminal for your sakes like if you have sex with someone unprotected this unprotected or without disclosing your status so the other parts of could be on proud you have sexism unprotected and they go later hey I- HIV. They can cut it from someone else because there's no way to prove who they caught it from another team. A lot of a lot of accusations are is that there are men who are bye bye on the download who will go contract. HIV outside of their marriage. And then go in a court of law and be like my wife gave this to me or something now. They could have given it to their wives. There's there's no fucking way to know you know what I mean. So they now. Your wife's a criminal she has to do with is like stories aren't connected. These two separate things one is Canada. One is this other one is I brought up candidate to make an example of criminalization of HIV. And they can't ask the question about that. I WanNa make sure yeah I wanted to be understood because HIV can turn an eight at the time that they test you. If I told her they also have made that you can take wow. HIV that supposedly can stop like you can live with HIV turned. So if you don't take those mad okay. I'm with also criminal life. Basically we have now criminalize people's personal lives. You know in a way your candidate have and I'm sure we have here too but they literally happy would have gone to prison and stuff and now and most of the men black people right so I you know this is a slippery slope with the government coming in and regulating Pratt wrap instead because it also means the government likes to punish and when you are the person who I decided. I don't want to do this for whatever reason will now. You're outside of the the jurisdiction. I mean you're outside of the parameters of what they defined as a good person and you can go to prison for this shit not that I'm judging the government for and that's If you WANNA throw black people in prison for not taking the MED and stuff like that I don't want to feel like a bad person for treating your for citizens like this yes. I'm not judging. I'm not judging caring for feeling that they should be judged. I just say I'm not judging myself because there's the main host of the show. I don't want anyone to feel now. I'm just addressing the feedback. I don't even WanNa feel you know taken out like that. I'm sorry I'm sorry if this sounds like I'm sorry I'm not judging myself ROMs are. I would say.

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