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The other thing. That's at the heart notes hot notes. All right leave story. Attorney general william p bar said on monday pibor that he saw no reason to appoint special counsels to oversee the justice department's ongoing criminal investigation into hunter biden or to investigate president trump's basics baseless claims of widespread voter fraud again undercutting donald's the donald's efforts to bend the department to his political will and overturned the results of the election. So this was an interesting news conference in this news conference. He was there to announce charges in an unrelated terrorism case. But mr bar said he did not quote. See any reason to appoint a special council to oversee the ongoing investigation into the younger mr biden. I have no plan to do so before i leave. Which means. maybe somebody like jeffrey rosen. Who's taking over. Might have a plan to do so after bar leaves. But they didn't go into that. Mr bar said to the extent that there is an investigation. I think that it's being handled responsibly. And professionally. he also said that he would name a special council to oversee an inquiry into election fraud if he felt one were warranted quote. But i haven't and i'm not going to li added that he saw no basis for the federal government to seize voting machines which is another executive order. Trump was trying to get past in that friday night. Oval office meeting so bars like no. No nope nope. And no and no and by you know kinda like that fuck you for q. q. Cool fuck you out. That's what he does. It's what he does. He has no loyalty to donald. You kidding me. I'm sure he got a lot out of everything he covered up. One thing that did happen bill coming at least we think we do a relief. Bill now this is a deep with information. Congress plans to pass on monday. A bipartisan nine. Hundred billion dollar covid relief bill this after months and months and months of negotiations over its final details leaders of both parties are loud the agreement claiming victory for provision. They were able to get in and of course keep out. The measure includes up to. I'm so fucking irritated at this number eight g. It's so hard for me okay. The measure includes up to up to up to six hundred dollar relief..

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