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My sister was murdered. I need to know what happened. Saint X, new episodes Wednesdays only on Hulu. Halfway through the last hour of the Paul Feinbaum Show. I'm your host today, Roman Harper, with more of your calls. And now, AC from Bangladesh. Excited about this call. AC, welcome. Thank you so much for taking my call. How you guys doing? I'm doing good, man. How you doing, boss? I'm doing good, man. It's a different time change for me. But let me ask you a question. All right. You played in the NFL in college. What was that road experience like for you in college and NFL and on the road? Did you guys have certain restriction? Like, let's say that, for example, let's say the game ended at four o 'clock p .m. Do you have like a certain time frame you got to live the facility? Because at home, you can literally, you can literally take a nap after the game. At the locker room, probably they wouldn't care. But on the road, I'm pretty sure they want you out of here. Is there any restriction? And let's hear your best food experience on the road. I know I got a lot of good questions for you, but these are some great questions. Unlike Jim, he barely asked any great questions. Because I'm the sapient and I'm part of page 54. Thank you so much for hosting the show. My Mr. Feinbaum, I love you. Allah. Well, AC, man, thanks for your call. Thanks for your questions, too. Personally, in college, there's restrictions everywhere. You don't really get to see anything. I never saw any of these campuses. You go into cities or towns and you're at the hotel. You go through meetings. You go through dinner, night meetings, and then all of a sudden you're in bed. You wake up the next day. You're all focused. You're at the hotel. You don't get to leave. You only just go and go play football. And so I never got to see anything or two. I'll do my show now, SEC Nation, where now you can tune us in. We're every Saturday, 10 a .m., 9 a .m. Central. And we're good to go to all these different campuses. And I get to see what campus life is like on all throughout the SEC. And the NFL, West Coast games, me being my career in New Orleans, West Coast games, we go out a day early. So we go on Friday. So Friday we get in, maybe that evening that afternoon, you go get some dinner, hang out with your buddies for a little bit. But we do have curfew. And then Saturday, our normal meetings, we'll have a walkthrough, be ready to go in the morning for a walkthrough, maybe a midday meeting. Then you got the rest of the day to hang. And then that night we'll have night meetings, get everything, all the hay in the barn. And then from there, we get ready to wake up Sunday, get ready to go play us a game. Now, if you have Monday nights, meetings sometimes wouldn't be until Monday morning. And so if you have a night game, we like to push it back Saturday, Sunday, kind of taking it easy, just checking through the hotel. Meetings will be that morning of the game day. But if you have a normal 1 a .m., 1 p .m. kickoff, then we're going to have them the night before. So then the first thing you do, you hit the ground running, get your breakfast and get ready to go win you a game. So thank you, AC, for the question. All right. Next, we have Russell from Orlando. Hey, Roman. How are you doing, man? I'm doing great. How are you doing? I'm great. I'm great. I just have a question. I see you often on TV and you seem to be a Shane Beamer fan. And I just wanted to know your thoughts on the culture and what he's done at South Carolina and some of the recruits that he's getting. And if you think that they're going to continue to move forward. Well, the most important thing, Russell, is that the culture is not just the team. The culture is the people. And so when I say the people, I mean the fans, the people of Columbia, everybody involved with that program. And they're riding on a high right now. Columbia, South Carolina, what Shane Beamer's been able to do is just really infuse that team with all the enthusiasm that he naturally brings. And his X's and O's, his ability to bring in a great coaching staff and get some excitement going and making it a tough environment to win games. It was already tough to win in Columbia. But now it's really tough. And so you continue to stack talent with that toughness in the arena that you're playing in. You're going to get great results. And right now, I think Columbia is a team that's trending in the right direction. Well, before he got there, they weren't trending in the right direction. So I like what he's building there. I'm excited. The only concern I have for South Carolina this upcoming year is the schedule. The schedule matters when and where you play teams in the SEC matters. The schedule is tough. The schedule is extremely tough. That is the reason why I'm a little bit hesitant to say that South Carolina is going to have a better record. Doesn't mean they're not going to be a better team, but they will have a better record because once you have a quarterback, you're in the conversation of the game. And right now, Spencer Radler is a great quarterback. He's a great college quarterback. He has to be able to take his game to the next level, slow down, and cut out the turnovers, take care of the football. But that's not just on him. That's on the receivers catching the ball, the offensive line blocking, and also them getting better at the run game as well more consistently. Yep, I completely agree. I've been a high school coach for 38 years, and I love what they're doing. Well, thank you so much, Russell. I appreciate your call and your time. I love talking about the Gamecocks football and everything that they're doing and building down there. I'll tell Shane Beamer, like I tell anybody else, I would let my kids go to South Carolina and play for that man because I know he believes in them, the things that he talks about and believes in. It's a great program. They've got great facilities, and they're going to get some things winning, and they're going to beat some other teams that nobody expects them to. But like I said before, their schedule is a hectic one, and it's a tough road schedule as well. So thank you, Russell, for your call. Next, we're going to have a great day. Thank you, you too. Next, we got Hastings from Alabama. Yeah, hey, Roman. Good to talk to you, man. I've been a huge fan of yours on the

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