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That spoil the stakes of the original film. What do i mean by that. What i mean by that is when there is a movie and it's great and it's an adventure and it is so good that it becomes a movie. People wanna make a sequel of both because of some combination of critical reception and financial success. You'd prefer if it was a bit of both. Let's be honest sometimes. It's just the financial success but there are examples of great great action movies that have had great great sequels but in many cases you have sequels that destroy the premise and the entire plot of the first film for example. The film aliens This is one of the great action movies. Right you take alien. Classic classic horror movies. I would say a near perfect film you. Then make aliens the sequel. Now there are people out there that will say that aliens is better than elliott. I find that to be At bess churlish. If i can use that word if we don't have to bleep churlish. I mean suborning gotten academy award nomination for aliens but nothing alien. Which is an obscenity. But she's great in both films but aliens not where you get the oscar aliens. It's amazing so anyway we're in aliens and we go through this whole film. They rescue newt. michael biehn is. They're saving the day in some way or another and they escape and then david fincher gets his hands on the ip all right and get alien three and how does alien three open. It opens with the death of news. Michael biehn and the robot played by that guy from. I think a show millennium. The point is everything that happened in alien to was about saving news and then at the beginning of ailing three. She's just a fucking corpse. Floating through space in the opening frames of the film and alien three does not get better from there. Nother example terminator dark fate. We spent terminator one and t to the judgment day on a very specific mission keeping sarah connor alive so that we could keep john connor alive so that he could lead the resistance against the robots in the future and then we get the terminator dark fate and in the first few minutes of it. A terminator wanders into a bar and fucking kills john connor right in front of mental. Hi linda hamilton. Dead gone poof. While they send somebody four minutes before that. It's why never makes sense. That's why don't love time travel as a plot to face. I like time travel as a plot device when it plays by a very specific rule. Which is you cannot change the past. Then it's fun though. Call primer. Film called twelve monkeys. Are there other examples of movies. Where sequel is destroyed the original. I'm adding this to the rant right now. Which is Kendra has just reminded us of another sequel that ruins the previous movie which is Or at least the ending and the stakes of the previous movie and that is star trek. Three the searched for spock star trek to wrath of khan ends with one of the most beautiful and famous scenes..

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