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Point three KPCC KPCC supporters include Netflix presenting the Irishman now nominated for for SAG awards including outstanding performance by a cast in a motion picture and performance by a Supporting Actor for Al Pacino and Joe Pesci my colleague Max Fisher about the president's executive order on anti semitism so what's the significance of these protections now including Jews and what does this have to do with your point that this is the latest example of the present equating Israel with American GS well when president trump introduces the order we have also taken a firm stand against the so called divestment and sanctions movement or B. D. S. you know that very well the way that he describes it is a firm stance against BDS BDS refers to boycott divestment and sanctions it is an activist movement including on campuses that is aimed at pressuring the Israeli government over its policies towards the Palestinians Chris this is our message to universities if you want to accept the tremendous amount of federal dollars that you get every year you must reject anti semitism is he describes the executive order as targeting what he calls the anti semitic campaign against the state of Israel right of Israel and its citizens the way that it's written actually includes calling Israel a racist state as one of the band anti semitic phrases really hitches this as something that is about promoting and protecting the Israeli state from this activist movement and that is really controversial among American Jews because it happens to overlap very neatly with this division kind of among the American Jewish community where there are some who considered BDS to be you know beyond the pale anti Israel consider it to be anti semitic and so been asking for this for a long time why is VDSL single Israel out a loan for condemnation there's only one word for it anti semitism.

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