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CBS is Wednesday July thirty first twenty nineteen coming up on KCBS investigators now know what the Gilmore a gunman was up to before a shot of the garlic festival and it's pretty scary name from bay area political past plans to run again CBS news update last night's democratic debate in Detroit pitted moderate candidates against progressives John Delaney on CNN accusing Elizabeth Warren of making impossible promises based on fairy tale economic that's not a big idea that's an idea that is dead on arrival that will never happen I don't understand why anybody goes to all the trouble of running for president of the United States just to talk about what we really can't do and shouldn't fight for Bernie Sanders fended off criticism over his Medicare for all planned Marianne Williamson called for reparations for descendents of slaves the remaining Democrats debate tonight among them Joe Biden you vis a political analyst Larry Sabato when your head like Joe Biden is you're going to be attacked and tonight he'll probably be attacked by just about everybody but he certainly going to be attacked by camel hair as who was his main flow in the first debate and he'll be attacked by Cory Booker CBS news update I'm Deborah Rodriguez case CBS news time six thirty two one of the brothers of the gallery festival shooter says he was giving away possessions in the days leading up to Sunday's attack KCBS reporter Holly Quan joins us live with the new details that suggest a larger attack may have been planned Holly Susan Sentinel Egan was living in an apartment Walker lake in Nevada housing that neighbor say was usually a temporary rental so they didn't really get to know the tenants according to the chronicle a search of the home turned up a gas mask bullet proof vest empty ammo boxes a gun light a camouflage backpack and reading material and white supremacy and radical Islam they also seized a computer and hard drives that FBI deputy special agent in charge Craig fair told KCBS helps pinpoint Lincoln's mindset and intentions is that individual acting alone is the acting at the direction of a domestic terror group in international terror group understanding what has compelled that person that that has legal implications it has investigative implications again what police believe the shooter was acting alone based on surveillance footage from nearby stores that show them shopping in the hours before Sunday's attack that killed three people and injured twelve others reporting live public one KCBS thanks how a new report says the Federal Aviation Administration believes soon after the first fatal crash involving a Boeing seven thirty seven maxed out that there was a high likelihood of it happening again within a few months of course it did that second crash leading to the grounding of the seven thirty seven MAX fleet worldwide the Wall Street journal has obtained an internal risk analysis performed within the FAA after the crash of the Indonesian seven thirty seven MAX light line air the newspaper reports regulators decided they could warn pilots about a sensor malfunction that would lead the flight control system to push the plane's nose down they filled a warning would give pilots enough information to deal with the problem if it occurred again while Boeing worked on a long term fix according to the risk analysis it would take ten months for Boeing to sort things out but it was only five months later that an Ethiopian airlines jet went down leading to the seven thirty seven MAX grounding that continues today San Francisco state senator Scott winners already facing a challenge for his CD even though his term is not up until next year KCBS and chronicle insider feel mature is reporting that former state senator Quentin Kopp has taken out papers to run against winner wears a Democrat who's been both praised and criticized for his efforts to create denser housing development cop in the past has run as an independent he says he decided to challenge winner in part because of winners call to replace the current board of directors at the cow palace with local politicians pop calls that move the first step in a land grab by developers who have their eyes on the sixty five acres site on San Francisco's border with Daly city cops wife Mar is currently president of the cal palace board winner says cops history includes endorsements of right wing Republicans over Democrats and opposition to bilingual education bilingual voting and HIV education in schools it is six thirty five down key CBS opening bell report coming your way will check in with Jason Brooks for an update right now and Jason the opening bell reported sponsored by all worth financial visit them at all with financial dot com stand market off to a positive start expecting the fed rate cut later this morning douse of sixty four points at twenty seven thousand two hundred sixty two as a P. up to point at thirty fifteen nasdaq gaining twelve points two eighty two eighty six coming up at six fifty five apple overcomes weaker iPhone sales are chasing we'll check back back with you then and we'll check in with him for traffic news in two minutes have you ever wish that there was just one place where you could talk with the CPA a long term care expert and state planning attorney and keep.

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