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What Have We Learned from the Coronavirus (DHP294)


For supporting a show as always so jason. My challenge to the dental hack nation. Today was was basically okay so the governor is allowing us to go back to work starting on Friday. Go back to work like normal. So Michigan opens up in Michigan of last to hold out for that. So I know we're sort of all getting back there but I was wondering what our friends in the dental hacks nation feel like they have learned from this whole current virus mess and so I thought I would ask them and boy did they come through. I feel like this is going to be one of the best podcast we've ever done because we have tons of stuff to talk about but before we get to the. I'll read it in a second but I'm just wondering like what. What are the takeaways you have from from the coronavirus thing I mean? Obviously he's this is unprecedented. And it's something that we've never dealt with before and nobody really. Has You obviously plan to for things to happen? You have insurance for two shutdowns if they happen or disabilities or things like that and this just came into wipe the board with everything and answered insurance. Didn't come into play So it's it's quite right because dental insurance is still been taking premiums out of everyone's paycheck. So maybe it okay. I think yeah right. Yeah they always do anything. How boy my butt hurts. Sorry that's what's been surprise. Information is just a team and kind of how people have responded And how people respond under pressure It's I think it's opened a lot of people's eyes to see how people respond to this is the big big surprise their slot of personality driven stuff for your bait stuff. That's that's quite different than anybody expected. We're going to get into a lot of that stuff. The DELHEX nation give you some good stuff I I feel like one of the things I have. I am I am..

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