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4 St. Louis officers hit by gunfire during protests


Four police officers were hit by gunfire during overnight protests in St Louis police chief John Hayden New York City police officer was mowed down by a hit and run driver in the Bronx this morning and S. U. V. had a group of officers in upstate buffalo injuring at least two of them in Indianapolis this protester walked arm in arm with an officer but afterwards he said we don't stop it one night we don't stop we don't stop Believin bracing one cop because he may be fine but tomorrow night we may be out there and they make **** again fort worth police chief ed Kraus walked into a crowd of protesters talk to them then got down on one knee and prayed with them however was meaningful I hope the people here saw our hearts we certainly saw their hearts that they were hurting he told his officers to back off when they left the protesters did too in Kentucky Louisville's police chief Steve Conrad was fired after he revealed officers body cameras weren't activated during a fatal

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