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You're trying to secretly capture be not used you choose. You look rather accomplice in the closet over there. I just heard him goofy. Oak Sipping tea really made a poke my children. I made a pokemon changed. Did I mean but I don't understand why you had a Pokemon joke there because you're trying to catch them all really that was a correlation yet. You said you were trying to Kelly ball into good. Lord what you would evolve into a pot stir bigger pots. Even possible looked like an actual pot this time when the spoons of okay speaking of jail with stick in there it's time for podcast forty two ooh. Whoa what's going on over there stirring. The Pot don't mind phones. Our phones are popping. I'm Chris. I'm hi. I'm Sabrina Pierre on the poster jail troves and I'm Laura. Hey and tonight we are going to talk about did I did. I startled you. Yes a little Lucille Baugh that some redhead but before we talk about that let's open up jails beer cooler ever run away the J. A. Breath all right. What'd you bring us tonight up here. That was on sale. Again is a dollar off. That's on sale. I brought from Shiner Texas. All Natural Ruby redbird Nice Ninety five calorie made from actual Texas Ruby red grapefruit from the Rio Grande Valley and that you're going to say they were made from real redbirds. Yes careful. I don't know how well they straightened. Everything yeah well. There's a big in my beer. It's like you're reading. My mind isn't shiner like one of the cheaper appear companies or no. Am I thinking of something different and like like your New York beer that torture a seat. I know somebody from Texas and they go on about shiner all the time. They just love the beer so the same like shiner Bock. Yeah Yeah what's Damn New York beer the camp genesee genesee. That's it. I already said it you. You never listen to me. It's like I'm not even here on. Its Agency is on tape feel like last time we recorded this show. I had to say that it was on tape. Everybody can hear it this time again. It was an insult against me now. At least we knew running it was when you read the meme wrong and I read it and you're like no. I didn't. That's what I said. I was like well. It's recorded so we'll know she's right on that one. I remember that I just had to rewind the tape in my head to remember what we were talking about. The heart wasn't edited out. No wasn't I heard it. I heard it after yeah. I kinda lot to look at over here in this seat. I'm looking at it on TV currently so that's good. That's that's really not a whole lot to look at. I can see it too. Well we use audacity. City to record with and audacity is famous for chunking up the show spin it out and throw it in the garbage and then you spent spent two hours in these chairs and you've got nothing to show for can't believe they'd have the task is you'd better named company odd acidy audacity. I would like to go to adobe but that costs four hundred seventy five dollars. We record them adobe four hundred and seventy five thousand dollars a month yeah. You can't just by the program anymore. You GotTa pay a monthly fee for it but four hundred seventy five thousand dollar pay attention to the price. That's why we need patriots. Subscribe subscribe to a her recording equipment for hundred seventy five thousand of you just to give a dollar a month. We'll be supposed to get headphones at one point yeah yeah. I just don't know where to plug them in up. We really need you know. It's the four channel over there. This is really fascinating for all the listeners. I'm sure the for channel over there. I don't know where to plug the headphones into seat. There's lots of people who know what they're doing and then there's US and had none of them are in that room this room or that with that one. I don't think we got when they're barb. Just ahead thumper. I guess play the waves on the TV so you can see when audacity crushes not just me. I'm waving to the waves the way back but now pop quiz time out your pens and your papers or notebooks us out your senator racers. Get out your Swiss army knives. Get out you colored markers. Everybody's got their stuff already. Yes while you're quick. I had it out early to get it was when I came back. This pop quizzes called. They just just announced the twenty. One thousand nine reboot of the show where the premise is lucy wants to change her gender. It's called. I Love Louis or why. Did you leave me new. Oh Wow these words terrible. What's really hard to come up with list. Lucille ball puns really the last name like ball. This is difficult yes because because you couldn't get the ball down. Draw the ball on this one guy wait a minute balls way too. He's obviously the ball was deep. Why why did you leave me. Lucille Ball five general knowledge facts on Lucille Ball in order the easiest to the hardest Tester Knowledge Score one point point for each correct answer question number one what was Lucille Ball's career before she was an actress. Hint McDonald's wasn't business at the time second hand. That first hint has nothing to ignore the first hint just a general knowledge fact so I can't put down. She was the original Hamburg you can a why don't you give the answer out sorry. I didn't realize you know I thought for sure you know the answer was going to be. She was mayor mccheese his first wife. That's that's a scandal. We don't like to talk about another fry kids question number two grimaces lover what is Lucille Ball's real last name question question number two. What is Lucille Ball's real last name. Why are you looking at me like that. out hint. I worked hard on those puns about two weeks of trying to figure out kind of Lucille ball hon seducing so ever using the ball all the word ball or the word. Desi those were too easy as he love me. Does he not question number three. I think Sabrina googling can't think Sabrina doesn't have to Google it. I don't know she's on her phone. Visually pictures of a struggling you can't google it you'll lose points and and that's why I make a bad answers question number three what tragedy befell Lucille Ball when she was four years old tragedy Lucille Jio ball four. Something bad happened in her life not that. She lost her eyebrows eyebrows. I'm looking at her penciled. Insult and question number five eight no question number four. I missed a question. No we're not doing for we're going to do five and six instead question number five your why was Lucille Ball fired from the Walgreen Soda Fountain as a a young girl. Oh wait that goes. Nope no question number. One is more of a famous career not a Soda Jerk Career Hint. There's a child's child's show. That's the name of this item that helped get her fired from the Soda Fountain. It's a terrible head. Don't go don't go scratch that hint question number seven. TV guide named Lucille Ball the greatest TV TV star of all time. How many major awards did she win. Come up with the number any number no letters. It's just a number. I did a number on your wife tra- back home. All right pencils goes down question number one. What was Lucille Ball's career before she was an actress. Laura makeup artist makeup artist jail comedian comedian what okay comic like how everybody does stand up before they get new movies having washed marvelous. Mrs May we'll know okay well. They see the women didn't do I didn't watch the show you're on my list of things it's right after game of thrones and Enough Sopranos and and then that that Jack Ryan I gotTa Watch Jack Ryan to list Sabrina Model Chesterfield the correct answer is makeup artist weird. No it's model was really pulling for you Laura. I appreciate I'm giving myself seven point. You should points on this next one. I don't care give yourself. A third of the point because models were makeup help had do her makeup question number two what is Lucille Ball's real last name jail in the sky with diamonds Eh. Let's see what she does. Er does she was Lucy Arnez. She became Lucy Arnez changed. Her name is great. It's awesome yeah so much paperwork you don't have to do. I know shouldn't have smart girl Genius Sabrina Ball in the answers ball data to throw a trick question I was they could at least for my name going with her. Name was Arnez Sabrina Huge Lucille ball fan trying to throw her for a loop for at least one question. Don't worry I'm there later on question three what tragedy befell Lucille Ball when she was four years old jail her father died Laura Laura. I was gonNA write that but I put `car accident. Sabrina Dad Dad correct answer is her dad died in a car accident. Well you know did he Dana Kirks but the dad. I'm looking at US Sabrina. I want to I don't i. I don't know I don't think cars jalopy's love Jalopy's. I could never ride a month if they would take for doc question number five was fired from Walgreens Soda Fountain as a young girl more see drink. All the Soda Not Drink all the soda all of it. All of it in one shot yep so in the customers came in there was no sign absolutely none. He drank it. All Okay in jail going with your kids show reference. I realized she had to get fired because she used to. Many blue's clues played you know but I like it. I also went with your cartoon reference and went. She had too many looney tunes no she. She kept forgetting to put bananas. In the banana splits Come down the three banana four banana split. It was a scary one they were like a HR puff and stuff style show. I don't know that they have in your movie. That just came out on Blu Ray They were a horror movie when they were on TV. I did always want one of those like ATV's at wrote around like those six-wheel ATV's. Did you ever watch banana splits now. Check it out sometime. It's creepy so that's actually like the name of the show name of the show. The show was called the manor splits. Why wouldn't put bananas in the Banana Split Them. She was drinking the soda. All all the soda all the Ice Cream and you're like choose Burping Soda And Bananas Here Potassium Level. It's been through ooh question number twelve. TV Guide name Lucille Ball the greatest star of all time. How many major awards did she win. Sabrina said thirty eighty six thirty six to two okay crack dancers in between those Laura. I had letters down as well but that thing real unit of measurement so all right well thank you for Ross for the explicit breeding Lucille Ball should be the one that gets it on every balls deep reference so I wanted to the correct. Answer is twenty six six ten sure war Ted. I feel like I just answered that. Lake Sabrina entered answer the the giant thing like how many albums how many awards did Lucille Ball to she like she was the original Susan Lucci. I mean come on always nominated. Never won all right sources for this script are Wikipedia Pedia. YouTube dot com behind the music.

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