United States, Doug discussed on CodePen Radio - #144: Integrating Braintree


I was i was lucky enough to be part of that team with j d of restructuring the system but in the end we got it out and one of the issues we we had a long was we wanted to be able to support more payment systems and i think it's an interesting reason why when we bricked out pay pow and i mean the entire reason we added pay pow is because requests from users murray while you say that people request that we add paper because i think that's an interesting story in and of itself there's a couple of different reasons i think that for some people they just trust pay pal that's how they trust hang on line and i think that that was one of the leading reasons why people are asking for it but another reason which was interesting and something that was kind of new to me was was finding out that credit cards as we know them in the united states are not really all that common internationally like not everyone uses credit the way we do and pay pal is a is a better option in those cases they just you either don't have what we would think of as a credit card or the credit card system is different and pay pal kind of smooths out the edges of that makes it possible offend pay definitely i mean it i know that i have account and i can it loves me to choose if i want to draw money from a credit card or if i want to draw money from a checking account and so i think for countries like that you have people who want to pay for services like coat open and at the time we only accepted credit cards and that's why we ended up choosing to begin with just because as much it something that's often requested and as the business supports itself based solely on the community we like to help anyone who's looking doug paid for our services so it was the big is just by user requests which is an awesome thing to get you know but it was integrating it was a little tougher than we expected.

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