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And we're back pittsburgh steelers fans the second half of the scarborough show. I am dave scofield editor behind the curtain dot com. Which i don't think i said in the first half and with me is always is my big brother rich our which you did say the first half patrick big brother rich richer still here and he's doing just fine. Yes yes yes yes. This is fun just because we're asking questions that we're trying to get the answer but we can't answer these. The whole point of this of our exercise right now is we are asking the questions that need answer during training camp or the first part of the season if they don't even get to drink camp so we're asking the questions and we're trying to answer them but really overdo it just given our best educated. Guess but paul. Is it going to be great to get the steelers on the field. I mean were nine days. Away is a nine days the way nine days. I'm a week shy that today's the twentieth right now. We're nine days away from my daughter's birthday that's nine days. What sorry who we're we're just we're just under. We're just over two weeks away so it sixteen days. That's another week beyond that. It's a week pass. Went on for six near fifty one of those things. So we're going to get to see the steelers. Not all of them. And like. I said i don't care. If ben roethlisberger is not playing fiji awad stop plan. I don't care if the big guys played. I want to see all the guys. All the way down this ninety man roster and i want to see what these what. These guys are bringing. That could possibly make this team so pretty about that. Let's review our questions that we've done so far your questions were this year's defense live up to expectations can decision defensive updates titians then you asked i asked. Who's the partner that you asked is met canada's offense the answer okay and then i asked very similar about what matt and ben rothlisberger led. Offense looked like so funny. I'm getting stuff in the breaking news. Channel from bt btc so Now it's interesting that it's funny we've been talking about the steelers reporting the training camp on thursday because that's what was reported. Now the pittsburgh steelers put out on twitter eight minutes ago that they are reporting tomorrow. Okay it could even be there. They got a getting their lockers. All the i know maybe somebody put scheduled the tweet out in mistype. Maybe or maybe you're supposed to go out at. Maybe it was supposed to go out nine at nine. Forty eight hab tomorrow. Yes nine forty pm today. I don't know we'll see but anyway. That's that's. That's pretty funny to jeffrey. Through that out there. So you said about the about the sorry. I got distracted by that but that was funny. We both asked kind of matt candidate offense. Then you asked about the offensive line open holes for the running off. Its wind their in game. And i said and i said are the tackles up to the task so those were two very similar questions all right richard. They were not they were not. They were different. They were were under the same sub topic but not because the one the last one you asked me is closer to this one okay. Let's do it. Can the offensive line protect. Ben can the first right and then you can the offensive line protect ben. Honestly that's going to be a big question as it's crazy because the story kevin dotson coming in his rookie year is that he was a mahler in the run game but he needed some work on his pass protection then after he actually played and i felt games according to pro football focus he was the number one ranked guard in pass protection the nfl last year so then people were all of a sudden..

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