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But they should be more show. Sponsored by HP M productions walk over the Tom Moore show. This is Dr Tom moronic sitting in for my son Thomas and the Tom Moore show at four one zero nine two two six six eight oh, lots of things to talk about the Saudis admit killing Wall Street wall. Washington Post journal was co Shoghi and their embassy in Turkey. We've got a migration of in migration issue again tonight, the caravan of over three thousand people walking through smacks through Mexico. We're trying to get into Mexico to the United States seeking asylum. What should we do about it? The stock market goes down two thousand points. Trump blames the migration issue on the Democrats. He blames the the the stock market going down to the Democrats. It's all the same game over and over. Again. We're going to talk about this with your calls on the Tom Moore short four one zero nine two two six six eight. Oh. Talk radio six eighty WC. Get ready for the real deal. Baltimore time now for the Tom Moore show. Welcome back to Tom Moore show nine hundred sixty six eight oh, first of all.

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