Monday April Twelfth, Three Hours, Gregor discussed on The Ray & Dregs Hockey Podcast


Podcast there and gregor along with ray ferraro and today it's a special ask griggs. Anything pre tree deadline edition. So i asked you this race we prepare for headlines and we'll keep that somewhat brief because again we want to get through as many questions and ask her in grades as we can. Are you up for an emergency podcast. We haven't done one of those in a while. So i'm thinking maybe post trade deadline on monday april twelfth or the morning of april thirteenth. Today you don't be good that we should do monday night because then then i'll know what it was like to work in a coal mine because i'm starting at five. Am for the trade center right. That ends at two pm organ. This pacific time. Then we have to tape a hip for sportscenter so that will finish to thirty by the time. It's all done then. I gotta jump in a car and drive down to the studios to broadcast the leafs and canadians game. So get their three. Fifteen warm-up starts at three thirty then once we do warm up. When i do. And then i gotta talk at the duffy twice again before the game starts. Then we'll do the game. That's three hours. Basically finish at seven..

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