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It like well yeah they are living with Lynn and batting average on base percentage so I don't know for how bad we are offensively they were great hello is Cora Bridget players you put to Foxborough tomorrow first training camp workout Thursday nine fifteen your invited selfless Jena brown joins Jayson Tatum Kemba Walker America smart on team USA's training camp roster that can take place in August Tom cutting WBZ Boston news right three thirty and it's traffic right now the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes I think the biggest problems are actually on takeoff Mike yeah from that earlier severe weather that came through really did a number on many highways and roads on the lower Cape we've got flooding in some areas making some roads impassable there are trees and wires down in spots debris across a lot of road ways as well they're requesting that folks stay off the roads for now but what we've got is route twenty eight stop and go in a lot of sections between west Yarmouth and chatted route six west bound is crawling exit eleven investiga ten everyone thirty fours pretty bad through south Dennis as well corridos where the expressway south jam from the tunnel down through seven hill again down has granted have a crash at furnace brook parkway has come and gone the northbound expressway slow east Milton up has no plans at circle not bad at all up towards the tunnel right now all route three south stopping go down after eighteen north down there's a lane close to route fifty three with ongoing work fare up to the north one twenty north flow through Lexington slow again when street up to ninety three and ninety three northbound inching along from those Sullivan square up to Roosevelt circle and up to Wilmington as well Mike king WBZ's traffic on the three severe weather is now over but still some lingering showers seeing them actually on the vineyard Nantucket and.

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