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You know her daddy's girl. Same here again l. king hurts Martin Luther King, though Alan king. The comedian closer is a comedian. Rot. Rodney King closer because Dr raw white rob king, rob Schneider. Yep. Shiners daughter Israel. That's pretty cool. Yeah. She's been here before a couple of times what shows do big round as teachers lounge. There you go. This is cool song. What's the name of shame, shame, shame shame. Yeah. Oh, the Tepa has this soundtrack. Their fight song, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame that Nazis. Shame on you. It's funny because rob Schneider, he's kind of a conservative guy with it. You gotta it's kind of fun. You guys talk about that. He and his daughter. I don't know that came up at all. I don't really think they play this to NT. Why would that come up that one of their, if you type in shame, antiques, I bet you will like it will automatically say the word that they don't play the number one pop hit version. I don't know there could there. It is. I could see this plane out front of an ice office, but I don't wanna get political about when he the Pooh. That's that's shameful to pull the pants down. It's weird shame. Take take this to to that new way to Pooh played on your phone. This show. I like the shame somebody I, it's just out in the universe. My right. I mean, is that word kind of out in the university's days? I'm not saying negative or positive. It is coming from somewhere in your head. No. Game of thrones like, oh yeah. There you go. Okay. You told you. Hey, nate. Keep going short. That's my ringtone for Searcy Lancaster. Yep. Incl- enclosure on that. I'm not even making a political statement. I'm just like I'm picking up stuff. I mean, I was right about the Phoenix and pizza. So I'm right on some things. I'm just a barometer to our barometer. You are right on something hippie. Howard, they so great to have you here today. What should we look for? How about that maniac? Come out on Netflix with Emma stone stone. Jonah hill. Gabriel Byrne Sally field September twenty. And it's it's directed by Cary. Fukunaga season one. Sure, detective, that's you're in it. Yeah, yeah. Awesome. Yeah, small part in five episodes. You're in five episodes, just surge elation. Thank you buddy. That is fantastic. Not the hang over one or two or three, but it may be better competition, but that's pretty cool that you got five episodes on this thing. Thank you very much. I'm.

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