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Are going to get to our special guests right after this. Welcome back old friend of mine from the NBC Pre-game Show you know him from the New England patriots the Kansas City chiefs and man you're going to have to kind of fill going just keep going their separate line. Point Right. We got the Vikings. We had buffalo for a Quick Cup of coffee before I got traded Dallas and. Yeah, Yeah Yeah, just a lot of fun stuff. On Your House with all the jerseys, you know what the kids cap a few of them for sure. But you know normally when you trade from tenure done with that team, right you're sitting there going absolutely not we're throwing all of our stuff way all the hats since you got everything else we're starting clean slate. So we don't have a lot of carryover from the other James. See. I always thought like any any like I would think like if it were me at least I would have like a nice finish basement with like kind of like a room where you'd have the big screen up. So you can watch stuff down there and then on another wall, you'd have like every Jersey see because you're you're self promoter I on the other hand will pretty modest. To humble for that, you know just I've got I've got a lot of stuff that I should put up, but it's just kind of in stored. So you know that's the type of person I am. All right. So we want to start now and we're going to talk about a lot of quarterback stuff here from the weekend. But I WANNA to start met with an ex teammate of yours and probably the most famous of your ex team mates and it looked really really weird seeing him in a Buccaneers Jersey on Sunday I'm sure it looked weird for you. I just wanted to start here like you know what was your first impression? Three hours of watching the game and obviously they lose a they could've they could've lost by three scores if the saints punched in there at the end what's your initial impression? Just seeing him? You know in a new offense. What new teammates wholesale for the first time in in about two decades? Well, I. Think we're all excited because obviously the potential offense has with all the weapons that they have on that offense we thought you look we'll just put brady in there and all of a sudden there's going to be success but we saw the growing pains that most quarterbacks go through anytime you go to a new organization with a new team, a new scheme and you you saw that there's the miscommunication early with Evans in which resulted in the overthrow interception and then the other interception it just was a little bit behind..

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