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Jump things are indefensible. that's said. He was thrice with third degree murder, and I think that's problem to water. And he was charged with that because and the prosecutors probably right. He, doesn't he or she don't think they can get a conviction on on a first or second degree on second degree murder. They don't think they can I mean because have been other juries and other cases where they've been unable to get convictions murder convictions, so he went for you know the bottom of the rung manslaughter and third degree murder because and he's probably right. I'm assuming it's a man could be a woman. I forgive me if I'm wrong. Wrong that they're probably right that that's their best chance of getting a conviction based on the history of juries, being unwilling to convict police officers, and it's at prosecutors, being unwilling to put forth strong cases because prosecutors have to work with police officers. It seems like once the motion would be. There should be a special special attorneys group in the Justice Department on a federal level that is brought in to prosecute these cases in every jurisdiction of the country. The prosecuting the prosecutor's office works to close the Police Department to early nate them. Yeah well in this particular case, the FBI is in. Yet you know they're the DOJ. There is going to be. There is going to be a federal charge coming more likely than the federal charge, but I'm saying it's always difficult for local prosecutors. Because of their close relationship with the police, it should be on the book as a standard anytime. This comes up. It goes to a federal investigation. I'll tell you what. I. Don't think if they had come out the two days later with a first degree murder charge. It would that it would have stopped a lot of what we've seen on the bad side here over the last several days. Well. I don't know if you even if they I charts the other three cop wise. I don't think it would have stopped this book part of it is. Part of it as the guy in the White House. Look I have a problem is well I. think he is an absolute. Horrible leader and narcissists are never good leaders in crisis situations we want. I think everybody understands that. It's always about them, not about us. That's the problem we've seen that. Over the last three and a half months with that said we've had these situations over the last several presidents Democrat and Republican presidents. You know loved. Presidents despised presidents popular president's unpopular presidents. I will grant you that. This particular issue is unique in a lot of different ways. Starting with. We were all in agreement. There was. Total unanimous, this guy's a murderer. He needs to go to jail and so do the people that stood by and watched it, and since then it's devolved into an unbelievable situation that is by the way Tommy. Come at a time where we have horrible, you know unemployment job loss, desperation people out of work people who've just gone through a a two and a half to three month lockdown. There's a lot at work in this one a lot of it and I'm not going to dismiss the impact that the man in the White House has either. He's divisive in his rhetoric. This this speech on twitter on Saturday was cowardly. All right on the you. You will not get me to defend him at all, but you're not gonNA. Get me to defend the people out there smashing. Setting Fire people either and act like it's based solely on on the guy in the White House it's. Much.

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