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My name is Jamie and I'm host. And I'm here with my co-host Ryan. Say Hello to our audience Ryan Lou everybody. I can't say the way ANJELICA, says it, but hey I'm trying to master too, and it just didn't work. You know just. A So this episode is a little different. It's not going to be as peppy as are other episodes where we talk about. Geeky pop culture staff. 'cause we hear black girl nerds always liked to talk about things that are relevant in the news, and really that's relevant in popular culture and right now it's very relevant is what's happening in America, and that's these recent protests that. are happening really all over the nation. It started in Minnesota surrounding the events that happen to Oh my goodness George Floyd. Yeah a lot of names. Yes, a just like pollen on twitter. It's gotta get straight yeah. Thank you, thank you for for helping me with that. One surrounding the events of the death of George Floyd and then these protests have expanded to several cities donation in New York. people have gone to our nation's capital in DC. really going straight to the White House quite frankly Los Angeles. Atlanta, which we'll talk about that. CNN was vandalized on national television storming the front doors of of that building, so it's been a very Very interesting weekend. To put it mildly We were here to really to talk about that to unpack it to also unpacked the history of why this all occurred. Because even though a lot of people are talking about words like riots and looting and wives, all of these things happening, or you know kind of talking about the actions behind. These events were not really talking about why people feel the need to do what they're doing. And again it has to do with the deaths of people like George Floyd also a Aubrey Brown. Wailer and and so many people even before them which unfortunately? Oh my God. You can't even name them all I. Mean it goes back to names like Eric Garner, Freddie Gray. Allow. It's just like people you don't even. You. Would that happen because you know, there's just certain ones. Unfortunately that are going to get the media attention, but there's just so many like the scare me. I was like I have to back away from Google for minute 'cause there's this is such a long Liz. It's such a long list. Exactly I mean and again think about the names of people even before social media yet where? The benefit of twitter. They didn't have the benefit of facebook to get the amplification or even to get there. I mean God to be able to have their execution filmed on a camera phone to to get their story out there No, no, you know, they will never get to hear about their stories. But there there's certainly a longlist of black men and women and children children yet. Who who have. been killed You know by hit by gunfire through state-sanctioned. Murders. By police officers, so yeah, we're. We're going to talk about that in this episode. It's a you know. Trigger warning for anybody WHO's been a victim of. Gun Violence Um who've been a victim of police brutality This is going to be a pretty heavy episode. We will try to Kinda. Talk about some moments of levity with. The F. of of twitter, and some of the crazy things that celebrities who had said you know to kind of balance things out, but also we really do want to respect the seriousness of this conversation, so I just want to give that trigger warning before we start. So let's dive into this Joey Yeah. Let's do it. So. Where do we even begin with this conversation? I just go with like how are feeling like so what like you know waking up this warning like the past week? Just like because I know a lot of people are I. Guess they're doing it by posting. You know whatever randomly comes with him on twitter and Instagram 'cause you know with some of US still at Kinda streak. Stay at home orders. Sometimes. You can't really go where you WANNA go or get out a little bit. So that's kind of how there vending so just like I. Guess just a simple. How you filling in just your your thoughts off the top about how you've been dealing with it. So the way I'm dealing with it as I'm avoiding emerging myself too deeply into social media, which for a while now I would say probably for the last couple of years to be quite honest with you I've not gotten to connected with social media and. you know especially now with what's going on because when I look at my time line whether it's twitter or facebook. Yeah, everything talking about this not look yeah. I've not looked at the full video. I felt like I had to look at it for four and a half hours, and it was the most miserable day. Ever I might not look your. Do not yeah, that's right because you work in television, so I didn't like just look away from it. And I was just like and I, and I repeatedly was dislike. Why are we continue to do this? You know you WANNA. Get the message out there, but I guess for me the thing where it's. Is it necessary to keep showing you know certain parts over and over again

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