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The situation with rubin foster and you know that's going to get ironed out there you know he's got i talk to map barros on friday about foster and and what's coming up he's got his arraignment coming up in alabama for the weeds thing later this month and then the da has decided here in the bay area in santa clara what to do with his case with the domestic violence in the gun charge now the domestic violence thinking get a little tricky because the victims aren't always willing to cooperate in this instance who was his girlfriend and we'll see what becomes of that but also there's a gun charge attached to that and that's a pretty cutanddry thing it that's what matti be had to say feels it's highly unlikely that rubin foster is going to escape a charge especially considering the climate of our nation and right now in because it's such a highprofile case and it's pretty cut dry like my man had an assault rifle and career with illegal modifications that's pretty simple so i would imagine at some point foster's going to have to face the music for that but that's really the only thing hanging over this team right now and otherwise all signs point to the forty nine er is having a productive offseason and adding to this team in a major way and setting him up to be a potential playoff team in 2018 in you know with the seahawks in full dismantle mode clearly the rams weren't totally enthralled with fair secondary wade phillips one of the old hands in the nfl their overhauling that roster especially on the defensive end it bring in marcus peters they bringing to keep to leave who are both terrific corners in their own right put the rams got rid of robert quinn the guy right alec ogle tree now as long as they still got aaron donald on that the line they're still going to be dealt with there are still gonna need to be dealt with that's for sure before the foreigners it's an exciting time if you missed it richard sherman is a forty nine her threeyear deal worth up to thirty nine point one five mill and terms of the.

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