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By the way i bought that at a dollar store for luke loved it so much i went to i was at a dollar store i'm like oh my god this is where the guy at the benny hana's gets the little piazza your weiner thing and i found it there so i bought one for luke i'll get one for you too if they still have okay i'm going back to you i'm sorry your boyfriend thing by the way call us up and tell us where did you bump into your axe or the like the worst place you bumped into your acts and on the top intern arielle who's in studio with us this morning is our phone screener and she's great a tweet at someone got they went into take the sat and had to sit right next to the the x one week after the horrible horrible breakup i couldn't concentrate that's what i was thinking you pro i would tank that test that's like the that's the worst when that happens so you've been with this guy for awhile haven't ya yeah elias you see wedding bells and future the plan my mom said that i'm too good to be someone's girlfriend forever oh young i'm still young your your mom's way of saying you need to put down how old are you twenty three twenty five twenty five yeah i mean there's no rush yeah i'm starting young and he's still doing the petting zoo yup it's got the mobile petting zoo thing desired animal exotic a kangaroo kangaroo intern arie's guy has a kangaroo that will come to your your house or your school or whatever it's pretty cool pretty cool business that he and his brother run right yeah everything but the kicker to the date motors there's more so we're getting ready to get up right so the x jets out him and his date or whatever they leave early and the waiter comes over towards the end and she's like we're like oh you know we're ready for the bill and she's like oh don't worry he took care of it care of it he paid for our dinner that was very nice that would make me as a very upset he didn't really show any emotion but deep down inside i mean it would have pissed me he better it made you laugh i have been like go thanks for dinner i got the girl.

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