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Already taken to account the all these categories. And everybody has a room minute. The trouble is the room has shrunk and the immigration system needs to be completely changed when these notions some of the midst I will tell you is nobody's getting anything for free? So when immigrants come here where they are legal illegal, nobody gets a handout. Day You you cannot simply go to social security and say I need this. They don't get that he unless they're a very narrow circumstances, but even to get asylum these days, this particular administration has made it such that nobody's getting asylum. These cases are taking years and years just like the a particular Chinese community, Filipino community Max and can community and Indian community they have very long lines. Everybody's in the situation. Nobody is seeing that cases move but DC humanitarian causes announcing anything. If you think about the refugee category, this administration hasn't taken any they have closed the doors and if you think about the way, the refugee system works they have to go through years and years and years literally abetted before can they can get to the doors opening to them and just as the doors that opened to come to the US Bam. Ministration closed it. So unfortunately, it's unfair for Arab people the. Hand what we need is immigration reform. So the better argument that everybody can make is we need comprehensive immigration reform. You cannot have a bill that is only going to address one little thing even though it's a big thing in the whole scheme of thing. It's going to create problems elsewhere. So the ankle bone is connected to the Nivo that's connected to the hip bone and so full. If you just take care of one little bone, the entire body is going to remain wonky but wonky on a different way on different sides. So comprehensive immigration reform is the utmost important thing of this moment in our times because we need to address every aspect of it. So. Why said no political will to get moved? Is that what is the reason you can think of? You know. I think that's A very profound question there is political will. the trouble is nobody can agree on where to meet the line. and. So in two thousand, twelve This deal Obama administration had helped out have an immigration bill that was passed in Senate. It was time bill had paused on immigration for comprehensive immigration reform in decades. Nobody was happy but it was a good compromise and it was the closest we had come when it cut came to the house. Unfortunately, it never made it to the floor because the Republicans are dead set against having. A bill that would really have a compromise. Compromises gave us the wool. Make sure that all these undocumented people are out of the country. There's no pass to citizenship for anybody. Had they what border security and they wanted you know some other things and the house bill had all of those issues. Issues addressed in the House bill but the Republicans never even paid attention. So the political will is that from the Democrats absolutely a hundred and fifty percent. It's the Republicans that really have not come to an agreement that even come close to coming to the table. So the puck political will is that from one side, but you can't do anything with one side we have a government that it should be bipartisan. And what we have seen that this is not just on immigration though. It's happening on everything whether it's healthcare whether it's you know infrastructure we have come to a point in this country where the lawmakers are not making law that just making a lot of noise to seem like working. It was a miracle that we got the P. P P loan issues at Costume Congress. Who knows what's going to happen? Absolutely. During the time when the Obama Administration did have majority in both houses. In the healthcare bill passed maybe it's your taxes onto the Occasion Bill. Agree I agree but it's not that they didn't. They did prioritize health can over immigration at that moment But healthcare is just as important as immigration. New. It's a it's a lesser of the two evils. It's which baby do you keep alive? I mean you caught Healthcare Health? Cat. Because they've made those changes. And were able to pass a preexisting conditions and things like that I mean if you think about it this pandemic that was suffering. Is really know with surviving it because we have some of those bills passed. So I agree with you should have been in the first time. But he I don't know if I would have done if I were in the shoes of that administration I that that doesn't immigration lawyer I do feel like. was there more that could have been done. You know I don't know I. Mean it's I feel strongly. Should have been a bigger push maybe more executive actions should have been taken numb. You know that the previous administration has not without fooled either. Know the Republicans don't talk about it but. Obama was dubbed tests, the portering chiefs. He. Able he did. So you know he he didn't allow people to come here illegally and this administration makes it sound like he did, and so it's it's a very interesting time in history but I, think that's a very fair question ask. But I talk politics is difficult. If we had people who are in the seats of making law really think about the people of the country and not just.

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