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You can't just bounce around all these different safe havens along the way. I mean, that's the kind of guy you can't marry. You marry that guy and immediately welcomed at the two bridesmaids going. It's a commitment issue for him. It's coming issue if he'll be a Steeler fan on the roof of the Raiders. I mean, he's going to marry a woman in a year later be with the maid of honor. I mean, that's exactly basically what he's telling in real life. Have some commitment. My goodness to go all the way back to his original point, I probably wouldn't believe Maur so that Brady has connections to mess with us between the power company and the Internet provider, as opposed to ghosts messing with us, Brady having his fingerprints on this might actually be more believable to me. Than the Ghostbuster is being needed around here today. Well, ghosts are dead people and bring me certainly has had a chance. Did I? Right. Brady can't die. And maybe he's like, Maybe he's the night King from Game of Thrones. Maybe that's a top three. It's on the table rising up. It's certainly on the table. And now basically our wall has been damaged. We've lost the Dregg and we got really issues here with the Internet, and I don't know. I don't know we're going to need We're going to need everybody. Jon Snow. Everybody's gonna come in, and I don't like dumb game of Thrones references, and now we will break and talk about the Patriot's a little bit have they've had some real sweaty meetings. Plus, you're their bowl problems. The coldest room ever. We have a question Bigger. Buller Mu visit by Bill Bella Checker CJ McCollum..

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