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Moseley's goodness the under trees so when you ask me who got the volume everybody they were standing on a hill and a thousand acres nature preserve in the heart of sent one looking south we can clearly see the high rises and shopping centers in sports stadiums normal yunesi the city normally the city this and see us after a hurricane everything gets examples so we'll this force comeback they'll seen looming beautiful again the whole thing through an accident of weather in geography horta rico has perhaps the best research on the interaction between hurricanes a tropical forests in the western hemisphere in ninety eighty nine hurricane hugo passed over the eastern third of the island as a strong category three as it happens since 1943 side as had been studying the same forests that were lashed by hugo what audio lugo when other scientists learn is that regrowth was two to three times as robust busted reductive as an a healthy poorest the trees race upwards to regain their choice possess sharon's and the canopy to photos sent the size of the sunlight the tallest are the victors but it took the forest three to four years to recover after hugo and it probably will from every puerto rican he's aware that these island is looking different and everybody ones than riina lien because that's where we love liberal we're used to do and what will you tell them well but unfortunately what i'm unfairly they read this thing the they're telling them when they're waiting for gas and food and water is the patient these he's gonna come back well we have to be patient but he's in the navy long since the differentiation of puerto rico the natural world has been talk tse turvy these are buzzing around crazily looking for polunin flowers that were blown away confused birds from the lizard kuku to the pearly i'd fresher do the endangered puerto rican perrette but lost their nests and favoured purchase a noli lizards that camouflaged themselves in the foliage are now exposed to passing hawks yet the forest is impatient to reinvent itself audio lugo stands admiringly under a huge say the tree in the institute's lawn that was decapitated by the destructive winds nine days later you could see greens routing from the tips of intact branches you see these proliferation.

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