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Cross commerce city. There were busy as an accident on the diagonal highway, eastbound one nineteen just tie with fifty two in the left lane. An accident happened in the Broadway and approximately still and fullback centre forecast tonight. Cloudy skies foot it storms fifty two tomorrow some afternoon, rain, scattered thunderstorms, high seventy two right now sixty nine the traffic and weather. I'm feelin six thirty on over fifty percent of all motorcycle crashes involve individuals with no formal training or motorcycle license reduce your risk, take a two or three Wilmore cycle safety, course. Motorcycle helmet supply, reduce your risk. For more information, go to see. O M, O S, T dot com. Winter and Hello to Kane. H side and save spring sale. You save twenty five percent on your entire purchase of windows, doors and siding. Plus, you get a free upgrade to triple pane class three three, four to one seventy one hundred better yet, your own. No obligation home. Visit at K H windows dot com. Get extra pain in the glass was twenty five percent off your entire project financing, about triple pane mean savings on energy bills, in the winter and through the blistering heat K H windows dot com. K H windows dot com. This is not your typical gun show. Learn the history of firearm only fifty four annual Colorado gun collectors gun show from the medieval ages today. It's all here. Go to CG, c dot com for more information may eighteenth and nineteen at the Denver, Mark. Hi, I'm Courtney Pierce, president of buying building corporated by and build his moving. We have decided to closer doors at our forty eight hundred Washington street location in Denver. Don't worry. We'll be opening a new occasion, syllabi a seamless transition for our customers until then we'll be having a massive liquidation? Sailor warehouse to get ready for this big move. Everything in outlet centers, fifty percent off huge selection of granite tops cabinets, bosses, sinks, and more. Fifty percent off. Everything must go. So don't miss out on these savings, forty eight hundred Washington street, Denver or online at buy build dot net. No joepags on Denver's talk station, six thirty K. How? This is the Joe pags show to talk to call eight nine four wine pags now joepags. Great radio stations across the land joepags dot com. Facebook Twitter, Instagram, Email tall, there also. Video stream Joe pags show coming your way on Thursday. All right. Dude. Grand funk railroad. Big evan. Scene Michiganders' in the house. Michiganders' carry my goal of Michigan Michiganders. It was like a real argument about that. Michigan. Okay. That I think that some studies Bishop Gaines one. I'm not saying Michigander is cool. I like that. Michigander. Boys. Named after the.

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