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Chairs cushions nothin. We only want those good good harmless harmless. All right so serena. What do we have for the listeners. This week this week we are talking to a professional hirer who deals with professional lawyers. Air barr thank you. Thank you just trying to keep up with you so this week. We are talking about work. Related interview lies interviews her tense times. Occasionally people myself included have definitely told a couple white lies in interviews to make ourselves sound better and look better to our potential employers. And we're gonna talk about those with our friends. How are you. I'm excited to be here. Have you So for those of you who do not know zach. Zach canfield is utah born bay area based recruiter. The child of a therapist zaki is a skill stolen from his mama's to convince creatives from all over the world they should work at gabby silverstein empires zacks biggest claim to fame. This is very very very cool. Earthquake cottage that looks suspiciously like a shed. I met the two of you through Interview and that's the first time i met both right. Yeah yeah okay. My lie detector kit with thankfully i told no lies my interview. Ogsm be interviewed serena to that's so interesting. Yeah yes. that's that's what. I i think you're interviewing me long. Look at us. Just meeting through interviews. Life is so interesting. Hire people that. I'm also matchmaker. Okay so before we talk to zach. Let's get into our lie of the week malaika. What did you lie about this week. Well i am currently still living in mexico and the other day i was on a nice long bike ride and this guy who looked kind of american he was trying to catch my eye and he was trying to speak english to me and i just told him. I like knowing no english. Because i one. I don't really want to make too many brands out in the streets and then to he just seemed a little like overly aggressive but it was the time i ever had to lie about speaking a language and it just felt weird to be like fried but i i didn't want to engage and it was just like an easy goto to get out of this weird situation fair fair fair fair. So would you class. This one is like alive of voidance. Maybe yes an opportunity. I seize the opportunity to lie about not speaking english but also avoided person. A fair win-win added one. I like it serena. Would you lie about this week. I did teeny little baby earlier today. So i don't know if this is something many of you know. I don't really have much of a coffee drinker. I e stop. Drinking coffee may be there. Nearly ten years ago now An earlier today just kind of decided. I wanted to do something different. So my partner and i. We're going to a coffee shop. And he he. Every day. I was like i think i will get a coffee..

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