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Pennzoil performance line. One of the voices now of Monday night football and I will definitely get to that in just a moment, Luis, but I want to start A za person with all the experience you have both as a player and as a member of the front office. You're the Steelers and the Titans. Now just take me through What you would imagine they're dealing with their game has been postponed. It wasn't expected. They know that they will have to make it up somewhere. They don't know where there's sort of a time of Strange uncertainty. Give me a sense of how you handle that organizationally right now. I think you know different scenarios, right? I think what the Look a Steeler and with my common, He's already come out, said when people have asked him, you know about what if they have the play 13 straight weeks and play all the way through and he said I don't really care. We don't really care. You know, we just kind of You show up, we go to work, and that's the great thing about Mike. I think that's the way you have to approach it with the guys. Obviously. Guys on that team. We're going to be concerned about. Where did they catch their break? Where did they get their rest? Considering that they've already been practicing this week, so they haven't really can really turn this weekend to Abi. The seasons along grind to a lot of extra added pressure this year because of You know the mental strain. Believe it or not, I'm trying to make sure that you watch your step. Everywhere You go. Everything you do to make sure you stay safe and stay healthy and guys do need that break in some point in time in the bi week, although it was only a couple of days is something that is sacred to players. I think leader Simple and you know, as far as the sale's concerned is going to be key and Mike's one of the best he'll keep him on past. I think they'll be fine. In Tennessee. I think you know. There would be a natural inclination. For people to be a little worried down there, you know in that, you know, as far as Could I be holding the virus inside me? And I'm not I'm asymptomatic. And you are my going to wind up getting sick somewhere down the road because right now, the virus just hasn't Incubated enough, and I'm sure there's people who are a little bit on edge about it. You know this? How far is this going to spread? And Mike Grable's tried to do a great job, head coach there keeping everybody Calm in preparing them for what many people think was inevitable. I think You know, like we talked about on the show this morning. I get up this morning. I think this is something that Everybody thought was going to happen. I think, though you can actually thinking Well, it's not gonna happen, not but it's gonna happen, so we're going to wind up hearing about it for some other team. When it happens to you. And I think you just have to. You have to have the right mind set about it. If you do want a testing positive to make sure that you get the best. To the best of you can getting healthy in the NFL will do everything they can, You know, obviously, to make sure everyone who does has positive healthy And then just kind of doubled down on your protocols Manning and try and make sure that you know if there's an area where we We were we had a misstep. Just make sure we clean it up going forward, and I'm not saying that there is an area where they had a misstep in Tennessee. But I mean, I think that that's where you're at now. This reviewing everything that you're doing. Both in the building and outside the building. So you know you don't have to be something where You know, either it happens again or it gets worse because As we've seen Justin Society Overall, this thing could spread like wildfire. And next thing you know, you've got a big problem on your hands. Dr Island Stills who's handling all of this for the legal We're all you know, from what I've heard is like on top of this stuff. Night day. And my had every confidence that still still keep it under control. And Be able to move forward. Louis, Riddick with me here? Yeah, That's obviously our top story in the NFL that you two really good teams. Three. You know, A F C teams would have been a huge game this weekend, and now we'll see when they can play it. Okay? I've been waiting all week to talk to you about Patrick Mahomes. So I'm watching on Monday night. You guys, of course terrific with with that game, And what a show. I mean, Patrick Mahomes put on the kind of show that you dream about accounting for five touchdowns, throwing four of them to four different players. One's an offensive lineman. The other one is a fullback that I didn't even know was on the team. Until Steve Levy was telling me that he had just scored a touchdown on DH Dan Orlovsky did this great tape about how creative they were with some of these plays up to including Eric Fisher, like wiping off his hands to make sure they were drawing on Patrick Mahomes towel? I mean, they seem to be playing chess right right now, when everyone else is playing checkers, you're there in person just describe for me what you saw from that offense in that quarterback Monday night. I think what's happening now is you're seeing The evolution of Patrick Mahomes from a mental standpoint. Greening..

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