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The story goes in your in the past. Is that you read Talk about the laughter about the importance so of this. Yeah so as you know. Women sometimes get a bad rep from the bible sometime. Yeah yeah and. I have to admit like i forgot. That abraham laughs. I he laughs furnace and i totally like. Oh yeah people always about. Oh sarah she just laughs at that. Can you believe because the angels fussier right. Yeah and i feel. Like abraham just get to pass through abraham path rilot. Yeah he does. And so. I just think gosh It really is his moment. I don't think it's. I don't think it's necessarily at a disrespectful thing. I really think it's like this is so absurd. God are you serious. And i mean i. I've laughed at some things do that. I felt god blessed me with you. Know it's just like. I cannot believe this is my life But it's important that they both did. And i think we need to show that had of the same reaction that sarah did so we need to not be so hard on and you say that that laughter is evidence of unfaithfulness. No no i think it's just like oh my gosh are you serious. It's a total total like the reaction would expect right. Yes so okay. Why is the covenant with abraham relevant for us here in twenty twenty one and god's country in texas. Okay so i know. I i know you like to so you know it's it is relevant because anything about you know we hear we see the word everlasting covenant again like the no story So we've got all these descendants and that goddess no like as this goes on and on and there's more and more distant in your family tree gets bigger and bigger or or. Weren't that family too you know and so. I think it's important for us to say that company that was given so long ago to this man is our covenant to and that's really significant. I think yeah and this is the passage at you read but why are we blessed. I mean we're blessed in order to be a blessing. That's the whole point of the covenant. So is it just so when you say we're part of his family who we are what we just Well i mean that's is. You know lump all people into got people. Yeah are descendants of abraham god saying well. I'm just saying what better term for. I guess i just look. When i think about god saying this is for all that is in god is saying like everyone is a child of of mine and so i kind of think about this is for all kind of like what you refer to. Near noah a little bit as that this covenant for people that about real that was literally for everybody remember walked the earth. So the cabinet abraham's for well who's who's in that group so it jewish people like got people jewish people..

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