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Of volkswagen senior manager who pleaded guilty to covering up diesel emissions cheating is due back in court on wednesday correspondent jan johnson reports oliver schmidt we'll be back in detroit federal court where prosecutors will argue that the former executive in charge of vw is engineering and environmental office in michigan followed a script of deception around the cheat the use of software to create phony emissions test results on nearly six hundred thousand vehicles prosecutors want him to spend eight years in jail defence lawyers are recommending no more than forty months his lawyers say schmidt accepts full responsibility but they also say he's not as much to blame as of there's i'm jan johnson colin kaepernick as the winner of these sports illustrated muhammad ali legacy award correspondent john stolnis has more ollie's widow says the former forty nine ers quarterback is getting this year's award for using sports as a means to change the world she prays capper nick as being a man who stands for his beliefs and social justice and racial equality unwavered by personal sacrifices ever since cap exterted kneeling during the national anthem last year the magazine says he's inspired other nfl players to do the same in the name of social change however even as multiple teams had quarterback injuries this season he remained unsigned throughout the year i'm john stolnis and after more than forty years upon tiak silver dong will be imploded later this morning the eighty two thousand plus stadium was a home for the detroit lions and the piston's according to the the first implosion will break the metal beams that are used to keep the roof inflated at the perimeter of the stadium the rest of the demolition will be conducted in phases and i just want to mention just got a really nice call from a listener who shared some of his wonderful memories about that stadia murder wjr news time six.

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