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It is hypothesized that into the bottle up to keila if they cannot identify which means most be some luminosity tequila i don't really the other part of it right where would you think might how much mike pay tequila how good is to quila best in the way this is a fascinating window into the the autograph seeker got bottled his head case otas are holding the pillow and people are still hold now you think mike about the down really mike my put the dice down put down a bomb my friends and i we used to talk about riano rules it's the idea that rana could walk out of any restaurant with a glass of wine and everyone of the restaurant is totally cool with it the jordan rules seem like a step up from the riana genuine joy on his fate vague about this how often have you seen michael jordan legitimately joyful disappointed i am that apparently the time of data he was out on the streets i was out on the streets but i was in union square i thought about going to midtown to do something earlier but i stayed at union square just think i could have been one of those people take a picture of mike in states i would appeal to apprise can also pointed out that michael jordan for all of the clowning of his wardrobe we did yesterday marriage is second marriage seems to have resulted in these slimmer fit pant he seemed to have improved on the bill thing to say about evolution of genes is the game mm change on a bunch of buzz and it took us a while to realize the game because we still had all those payers those big old pants as it has gone in my life maybe mike life all substantive stylistic changes hip code because someone said why don't you always like was worked to all right next number five that's the number of digits shet showed off on instagram yesterday bob hawaii is doing this just so you know when we say digits we mean.

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